Got a voice submission! =)


Working on it .. I need to fix the thumb and the animation … I have a lot of work to do on making it look awesome… I am going to add a post process vision blur effect … Some ground to come out of and the tombstone πŸ˜‰ it has to look incredible as it is the first impression πŸ˜‰ more later as I am posting from my iPhone and will be hard at work home soon πŸ˜‰

I have one submission for Zang bloods voice! Good stuff.

Here is the next boss if You have a mic and would like to have a credit in this game record the lines for sloth below and email them to me .. =)..(Sloth will be recurring and I will need some more later but not to much he is a weaker demon…)

Sloth: I am called by the name sloth…..we have been watching you….O poor Zangblood your contract has expired it seems..

Sloth:I will take his soul and treat him to all the pleasures of hell. Now then there is the matter of the rest of you sad little souls. One of you is a very interesting soul mixed into a machine.

Sloth: We want you badly. However..the others ordered me to leave you alone for now and I could have Zangbloods soul. How tempted I am to lay waste to all you insects where you stand and taste your deaths.

Sloth:BUT… I must do ask I am told.. for now… I sense confusion and fear.. *Chuckles… you have much to learn mortals.. I think I will take just one more as I cannot resist..

Sloth: Ahh…better… I must go now. Do not grow to confident as I am sure you will see all of us soon.

Helper:That was rather unpleasant. Maybe I should be appreciative I do not contain a soul.

Helper:What exactly did he mean using the term US. We have to find a way to drive the demons back into the maws of Hell. For now we need to obviously find a safer place to reside.

Helper:Rest AI I am shutting you down so we can transmit ourselves to a newer husk….|

As far as tonights work I am still making the banshee soft intro scene. It needs to be kick ass as it is the first thing the player sees. Currently I am creating a creapy night scene with a tombstone close up, mountains in the distance, a HUGE glowing moon. On the tombstone is bansheesoft as if it was gone. Then a fist rips out of the ground in one flash and moves slow like in slow motion up with pieces of debri spinning in the frame then it whites out and whites into the title screen… =) rebirth baby…More later day job now,


6 Responses to “Got a voice submission! =)”

  1. Doom Says:

    What if on the tombstone it said
    BansheeSoft with the born and died dates..flash of lightning and the died date melts away..then the banshee’s fist claws from the ground..with mist and glowy effects..

  2. Nathan Jones Says:

    Hey! The game’s looking great. BTW are you still looking for voice submissions? Because I just looked at your post, and am interested in recording my voice and sending it to you.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      YES all the way… I have no submissions for the demon sloth and one for Zangblood…. I am going to get to the voices this weekend by the looks of things =)…I will need a TON more as we go there are going to be LOTS of characters in the story arc… 7 named demons.. lots of named users… big story to tell =)…

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