Testing combat with Zangblood!

Going to be a tough guy!!

Zangblood shows up to find a large array of phaser turrets…


Zangblood no likey and starts to demolish my defenses


I throw three mini tanks at him…


He blows one apart then starts to refocus on my huge array of phaser turrets


And I lost =P…. Needed more traps for him to run through before he got to my husk…. REALLY MOVING NOW!…

Man I feel good about this game!

Update and his defeat!!






Dead and pulsating!


Whats left on my list!
— record random zombie groans grunts for random enemies
— record Zangbloods audio and set number of taunts / sounds…

On Die Explode home.
— Should be done just needs a check maybe a good charge effect.
— PusBucket
— place in ai ability to choose a weapon based on uses probability stored in the weapon data
—–Zangblood needs a super charge or two…
— Create level 1
— Affix camera tighter to fps view bone.
— make reinforced walls actually stronger…

Getting close yawl!

On a side note if you all are browsing other forums a mention of this blog could really help the outcome of this title =).. just a small request to spread the word if you get the chance =)….EVERY little bit helps…


24 Responses to “Testing combat with Zangblood!”

  1. Medicalbenko Says:

    This is looking pretty awesome! I got some research on dungeon keeper that I found something similar on the psp! It’s called “What did I do to diserve this my Lord 2!” I’m going to play it tonight and see ifi can get some experience before tackling your game. πŸ™‚

  2. Medicalbenko Says:

    I’ll post on my fb and start a thread on touch arcade πŸ˜‰

  3. Medicalbenko Says:

    Is this going to be universal or on iPad?

  4. Medicalbenko Says:

    Ok I posted this blog on my fb on all my friends fb, did two threads on touch arcade under the coming up iPad / iPhone & iTouch games and going to mention it to some people today that I’m going to see!

  5. Medicalbenko Says:

    You too! Happy Sabbath!

  6. Medicalbenko Says:

    Lol, I am just excited about the fact their is someone out there who is creating awesome games especially like the one I always envisioned to create but because I am not a computer programmer or no little to nothing about scripting I simply collect stories that I write out. So being able to see one who is open to all of my ideas is just awesome and exciting lol. I’m always looking for a great story!

    • Hellspawn Says:

      hello to you too medicalbenko.
      Yes I agree its awesome to be able to contribute to a game and most of the ideas that we all had so far got implemented into the game thats what I like about Ryan, he’s always open for ideas. Following his blog and seeing the game develop is really fun.

      and I know what you mean about the exciting story suggesting part, that’s how I felt when I first wrote a comment and got a reply.

      • Ryan Says:

        Thanks yall it is the input that really stirs ideas… =)
        Even cooler is this blog and input is world wide! =)

        putting some time in right now trying to knock down the list! πŸ˜‰

  7. Medicalbenko Says:

    Awesome could I possibly have costum weapons? Hear me out, in the far depths of space there was a time war that existed outside of our reality. In this time war, Time, Space, and DarkMatter were raging war against each other. Usually they are in harmony. However, a man, no a monster who constantly seeks to control all of time was able to break the 4th dimension and figured out how to bring destruction in our reality by disrupting the life energy the three beings shared. He did this by stealing Times ability to travel through time. Before he was able to do so, Space and DarkMatter crafted two guns that could only be wielded by the one who able to see the 4th dimension. Which would be Euro! (I would be his descendant) as soon the monster of a man, took Time’s ability he instantly stepped through a time portal. In doing so the destruction he would bring people accross generations would speak of the beast known as Nex Addo (Latin hehe). However, the portal remained open for a few second after Nex stepped through it- just enough for Space and DarkMatter to send the two guns that would be know in Ancient Legend as Gate and Keeper. The guns were crafted from the very essence of Space, DarkMatter and what little they shared of Time. It was up to Faith and Destiny to guide to guns to their owner now while Space and DarkMatter tried to keep all of Time stable….then we have the fun part where you create the middle….in the last epic battle both Euro and Nex fought phasing both through time. Their battle was heard in all years and the damage they did could be seen not in the current world but it cated ripples that even affected past and future. Euro with his now well know guns Gate and Keeper he combined two different magic shells one called chaos and the other one order and pulled both Nex and himself into a time bubble- a battlefield that exists outside of time almost like a prison. In the end, it was a lucky shot from Euro that was able to defeat Nex he shot two special shells: Space shell and a DarkMatter shell. Each one that took a portion of life energy of his own to use. In doing so he shattered all of Time, Space, and DarkMatter creating an explosion that consumed all of their reality. The explosion was so powerful that it shattered their Time Bubble and sent both flying into two different time periods. Nex without his ability to control time his old age caught up to him and he turned into stardust, nothing more then atom returning to their most basic state. However, Euro was in pretty bad shape almost losing his life the same way he was able to survive the ferocity of the time stream he was falling through because he was caringing the guns…..years later…Euro marries and has a son (hehe me) when the son was old enough Euro told him of the story and how the three, Time, Space, and DarkMatter, made his bloodline the sole protectors of the 4th deminsion. Meaning they can see all of reality, their bloodline throughout history were known as the GateKeepers.. How is that so what do you think custom hand guns that shoot out different type of magic bullets! And to learn more about the different bullets I have to travel to different worlds and def bases like in your game to save different races and people but to also learn more about my weapons..and I can do this because I can see the 4th dimension meaning time travel πŸ˜€ how awesome πŸ™‚

    • Hellspawn Says:

      That would make an awesome add-on.

    • Ryan Says:

      Wow that is a great story arc!.. the gat keepers need an atagonist also… maybe the brother was not totally atomized but was disabled and able to have offspring of his own. The name would have to be there… but they would be evil disgusting deformed creatures.. =)..

      I like it.. that could definatley be part 5… I have 4 parts to cursed realms written up. None released but you can get the histories here..


      There is a lot released there on story and ideas… I added yours and I love it very creative! Keep it up I love it!

      Ideas would be great to flesh out the species some more..
      Atlantians or the ancients
      Hells gaurd.

      • Medicalbenko Says:

        Aww thx, I will work more on it, I just had a moment of inspiration lol wanted to give you something epic. But ok but here is what I got so far…
        We could do that, I realized that we needed an antagonist and some off springs would be awesome! Their fathers twisted ways has affected his off springs so they are deformed maybe (that way we can use some of the monsters you have πŸ˜€ made already- which would be awesome). To the GateKeepers they could be known as the Varicecrepitus (meaning the twisted and wasted; combined two latin words Varic and Decrepitus) however, to everyone else they are simply know as The Twisted. In Part 5 you can have the Twisted randomly teleporting themselves to you wanting to kill you and the base you are protecting not because they need anything, but because this moment in time (the Players Present) is an important moment, if the player is successful in defeating them, it will deliver a huge blow to their plans to destroy the gatekeepers in the future. After a few missions you are then joined by a gatekeeper who randomly teleports to you to help you say kill a mini-boss that is impossible for you to kill (because you script/code it that you need to only survive for 3 minutes while the KILLING BLOW is activated by the Gatekeeper attack- I mean you still get exp but not the kill). Soon after that you learn about who he is and what he has done and by the end of Part 5 he gives you a replica of his two hand guns Gate and Keeper. However he is sorry he cannot give you any ammunition for they take too long to find and craft. As soon as the Gatekeeper Shifts/Jumps to another time, you receive a message that in the past he was able to create a few schematics for you to find on a particular planet so this new location can be the precourser to Part 6 and while we are there simply hunting you can slowly introduce a mission or two and the BAM!! Part 6 lol. To repeat what I said : This could be a point in the game if you wanted some down time create a couple of bullet schematics for us to go looking for and you can work on part 6 while we are all distracted lol.


        We can say that since the gatekeepers are able to time jump/teleport one finds his way to you at a base. Between missions, you find out that Nex was just a pawn from a bigger picture (one that involves the aliens testing their new drug and seeing how their new formula can reprogram the entire human consciousness to create many more like Nex and they dont need to try to mind control them in anyway).
        Leading you to realize that the aliens you have been fighting off are much more dangerous then you have ever expected. Your entire premise of this Part 5 could be that you are looking for a few ingredients that will help the Gatekeeper complete his anti-serume to reverse the effects of the new drug formula.
        Let me know what you think that way

      • Medicalbenko Says:

        I read all of the Parts and when I run down through the list in my head I cant help but say EPIC I mean it this was a comedy, I could just imagine the robot/human you control with this face o.O and mouth open saying, “Ok, so I have to defend the human race from flesh eathing robots, sceintian beings, and Demons, not to mention time traveling monsters….s***” XD after that thought ran through my head I was like EPIC!

      • Ryan Says:

        Good stuff! Really stirs the imagination. The goal is to have anything story wise be possible and tie it into Mission Europa’s story line =)..


  8. Medicalbenko Says:

    No problem, I’m playing through the game now stuck on the 7th floor something keeps insta-killing me but I’ll figure it out. That is what I want to ultimately do is to tie in Mission Europa so the story I wrote out above might change slightly. Hope your day is going well.

  9. Medicalbenko Says:

    Sounds Awesome

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