Pushing ahead

I only need to check pus bucket and get him finished as far as combat testing goes.

Here is the list:

More later when I get back on it =)


5 Responses to “Pushing ahead”

  1. Medicalbenko Says:

    Cool, waiting anxiously!

  2. MrSpud Says:

    When you release the alpha built, are you including all the editing funtions? You know, all the complicated stuff! I mean, it would be fun to mess around, or mess things up… just wondering 🙂

    • Ryan Says:

      O yes it will be totally open.. when you press a button in the top left it opens the engine up =)… if it gets screwed up just reinstall -)

      (hard to screw up as the only way would be to overwrite levels with your own. like the title or level 1 =)

      • Kirk Says:

        I can see doing that… Hehehe… Can’t wait to see more on this. It’s developing into something great, and I’m hoping you’ve learned a lot about AI… Because ME2 with cover based combat with giant chicken spawners would make me so happy 😉

      • Ryan Says:

        hmm… no intentions of cover based AI yet. More swarm mechanics. Not that it is hard. Let me think on that… it would require a whole lot more animations is the caveat….right now you will not miss it. when things get crazy and your managing 20 AI battling it out with all sorts of special effects and stuff blowing up… your just going to want to nuke things =)…Good stuff!

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