Tonight Weapons More Weapons!

The systems I have in the engine allow for each character to have an unlimited number of attack types. The AI decides what to use by a weighted number. Tonight I want to finish adding in weapons for all the chracters beyond their common weapon. Zangblood has a MASSIVE explosive attack along side his disease attack =).. I need to add those in then move to the rest of the list.. =)

Things are getting really close as I am sure you all can see =).. More shots and stuff later =)..

Whats left of the shrinking list =)

— record random zombie groans grunts for random enemies
— record Zangbloods audio and set number of taunts / sounds…

— Place in ai ability to choose a weapon based on uses probability stored in the weapon data
— chance of using that weapon
— On rest to chase select weapon based on chance.

— Zangblood needs a super charge or two…

— Create level 1

— Affix camera tighter to fps view bone.

— Make reinforced walls actually stronger…




20 Responses to “Tonight Weapons More Weapons!”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    I’m planning on getting an iPhone 5 whenever I can get one, are you planning on supporting this resolution?

    • Ryan Says:

      I am but I cannot afford a 5 =/ So I will have to depend on you guys to let me know how it works.. it is a universal app…we shall see how it goes =)

  2. medicalbenko Says:

    Its looking pretty awesome. Now that I think about it in Mission Europa there are some enemies that are much more powerful (usually one enemy) then the rest of the guys on the floor. They are so powerful they can kill me in one shot, so my strategy is to keep moving around to dodge their attack. Problem: I move slow, not fast enough to truly dodge skills that are moving at me much faster then I can move out of the way of. So I just want you to keep that in mind. Yeah I dont mind impossible enemies where you get hit once and its over, but please make sure we can move fast enough to dodge the skills or their whacks. Another thing is, that some skills like beams in Mission Europa shot by the enemies go through walls. Is that normal? I found my self trying to hid behind walls to fight the Boss in Level 12 and found out I could be in an entire different room and he kills me in one hit. I was like o.O the heck?!? lol anyways just things to keep in my lol I will continue to support any way I possibly can 😀

    • Ryan Says:

      Beams penetrate walls that was the design very dangerous.. =)… The best part about Cursed Realms is you can be any of your minions.. so big baddies like the roaming monsters in ME can be discovered and then strategized on. BTW if one is blocking your way you can just exit and reenter the level and it will change as it is randomly generated in Mission Europa… leveling up does wonders to damage and armor reduction also =)…my games have been notoriously challenging however Cursed Realms will tone it down a bit away from the hard core =)

  3. medicalbenko Says:

    Lol and wow! We get to play as monsters totally aweosme! I will totally try to collect the Rocket Soldier Boss he is just EPIC! Its funny that you say that because I LOVE especially difficult games. One of the main reasons why I love Atlus so much lol. I mean I love facing challenges, they drive me lol

    • Ryan Says:

      Treasure also makes great challenging games on the small scale =)

      • medicalbenko Says:

        awesome going to have to check it out. I am also going to be playing Organ Trails for iPad over halloween so im excited lol I hear its super hard to make it through the game

      • Hellspawn Says:

        Organ trails? Never heard of it. Sounds very interesting though.
        But I don’t think ME was that difficult, only very timeconsuming. VERY timeconsuming: dodging, shooting, summoning, placing “mines”, dying and retrying. But it was great, always scavenging for the best equipment, hunting for gold and XP and weapons. But level 11 really had some uber-deathbots: fying, versatile, medium-high health, small (and thus hard to hit) and they kill you with one shot. I never found another game were dying and looting was quite as fun.

        It kind of remind me of Morrowind (predecessor to Oblivion) LONG story but so much fun.
        An thats what I hope for in Cursed Realms. don’t dissapoint me Ryan. 😉

      • Ryan Says:

        It is a very different game =)… loot needs to come in I have not decided how yet =).. You are in control of LOTS of minons here and can posses any one to be a smarter minion =).. you construct your minion prior to the level and head in to defend , attack ,, explore etc =)…

        Oregon trails is a VERY old game that has been rehashed a hundred times… about taking the lewis and clark trip and surviving… pretty entertaining and would be considered hard core by today’s standards of easy gameplay =)

      • Medicalbenko Says:

        If you guys want to pick up organ trails for iOS it’s $0.99 right now from $3. Also considering how to incorporate loot, why not be able to upgrade your units or finding loot for them. Now loot for your character could focus on what you had on mission Europa, but also provide stats,for example, faster building time, collect extra materials per 10 sec (like you get 1 gold coin every 1min) or any other type of resource. Also, you can create what I like to call supportive weapons. For example, you can make the haloshield shotgun. It does not damage enemies but instead you shot your allies or minions and it provides a temporary shield that absorbs 100x(user character level). Or you can create the handgun of the blessing which when you shot it will heal your minions over time for 10(user character level) for idk over 10sec. Another great idea for loot is why not let your character find set items that when complete will give your minions with great stat bonuses. Also so your character doesn’t become to powerful. I was thinking the better the bonus stats for your character from the sets you collect the less they benefit you. So if I find a set that gives me +10 attack it gives my minion +2. But if I find a set that’s gives my minions +10 it gives me +2. You can focus also on attack speed, damage, increased range, elemental enhancements etc.

      • Hellspawn Says:

        Aaah oregon trails (with an e) I thought Organ trails was some new horror game or something.
        Of course I know oregon trail.
        But Organ trais sounds fun too 🙂

  4. Medicalbenko Says:

    Benefit your minions*

  5. Hellspawn Says:

    What the Hell its Snowing!
    Its snowing in Germany!
    first Snow this winter.
    I can’t believe it its only Octobre.

    I gotta quote Ned Stark here with:
    “Winter is coming”

  6. Medicalbenko Says:

    Lol, I found myself quoting him too! Idk just something about that line is awesome. Happy sabbath all it’s the end of a hard week so rest up and have a great and relaxing day with family and friends 😀

  7. Medicalbenko Says:

    i just thought of another way to incorporate loot, why not since I am assuming you wont be able to be a soldier in first person like in M.E., and instead a constant builder. Why not then make a ranking system? What I mean is let your minions level! each mission you have to make minions they fight and some will die, while others will stack up kills and when they get enough they can get + to their stats like any other normal RPG but here is the fun part, if they get to let say level 5 (just bc i dont know how long each mission will be) they can become a leader for a group of 5 other minions and ONLY the level 5 Elite minions you control can equip higher level items or sets. What we can also do is still let the minions level to 5 max (they get their own set of available loot and weapons that you can find) and you can then create a Captain or Elite Units that can equip Armor Sets (when armor set complete minions get + bonus) that is able to attach itself to a group of soldiers. Lol this is sounding more like an RTS. But anyways, I wonder how it would be if you can change from 1st person to 3rd person during combat be. I just thought it would be cool to be a minion battling the enemy for one second and then quickly switch from controlling your minion to builder 3rd person view and once you switch to 3rd person, your minion will then become like a regular bot still fighting and doing its thing on its own instead of you controlling him as a sole unit but with whatever parameters you set for the minions when you are not possessed them.

    • Ryan Says:

      I misspell like crazy… and units do level =)… I wanted to make it where they travel between levels or you choose a hero to bring along… That will be post alpha as only one level is in the alpha test =)…. Thanks for the ideas I like them alot! =)

      Back to work! =)

      • medicalbenko Says:

        Hey, no problem Ryan. I am glad to hear you are headed that way with the units it would help alot and make it much more fun to have a constant group you like to level. Also, I enjoy throwing ideas at you because it will help me for the future when I become a doctor and a novelist. Could I be part of Alpha testing? would that be ok?

  8. Medicalbenko Says:

    sry for all the misspells and errors just doing a million things here 😉

  9. Nathan Jones Says:

    Nice, I think once you release this game I’ll do a video walk through on youtube.

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