woke up early and got the multiple weapons system finished.

I am working on finishing the design doc for mission one before I complete the level. Here is where I am working…

Here is the preliminary map: (RIGHT CLICK OPEN IN NEW TAB TO READ)

Now the AI can have any number of weapons that are weighted for use. IE they choose the weapon based of a weight that is stored in the ai database PER ai… So tonight I will be working on the list again and I will try to get more shots today of what I was doing this weekend on the game =)… Happy Monday as I too am currently at my day job =)

Here is the current list. I am sure there are a few things I will run across but it is definitely getting short =)
— Create level 1
— Affix camera tighter to fps view bone.
— Make reinforced walls actually stronger…
— Medics need an overcharge shield buff
— Pusbucket over charge
— Tank smoke charge for defense





One Response to “woke up early and got the multiple weapons system finished.”

  1. Medicalbenko Says:

    Very cool! Happy Monday.

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