Intro to how the tools work! \=)

Here is how the editor works…

Here is the base editor menu. You can see the main editing buttons below. The command line in the top right. And the scene graph under that. Double tap to proceed down a level. Then below that is the library or dictionary as I call it where all items are stored. You create something by finding what you want and then pressing MR to place it on the render graph,ME for effects and MU for strictly updates.

If you want to edit something like a script after you have placed it you can choose it in the scene graph then press BIG and the edit window opens as above. You can then edit it and save it. The scripts run commands you can get a list of by typing ? and done in the command line.

More later when I get it!..

Awe… This is me possesing an imp without his bad eyes and looking at my shadow =)

And the visibility culling at work you see where the
Fog takes over and then no more drawing after that. I also cull by a camera frustum to get everything else. The nodes under a visibility cull node decide it’s volume and then if it is visible. With the batch collapsing I can get a view to 1 render call if it is all dirt… and even with a complex scene I can get batches down to the upper 30s. I love this little engine that can…



6 Responses to “Intro to how the tools work! \=)”

  1. Medicalbenko Says:

    This looks great! Is this game and mission Europa going to be moved to my computer. I’m just asking because I would love to play on my computer, but also because I thought maybe I can port my maps on pc and work on them there and vise versa

  2. Medicalbenko Says:

    Moved to*

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