So …. my son is so impressed with the hair-brain or whatever ghost haunts mine craft… I think it is the unknown nature and finding out how to summon him. Soooo. how about cursed realms has 4 blocks…. the user can create these in the factory and place them in a circle. or box and certain patterns will summon ONCE per level a bad ass to fight … winning gains a special from just that guy… That should not take very long and could be placed in during alpha testing … The patterns will be my secret until someone figures them out and shares… Good idea? Bad Idea? do something else =P….

Back to work!…

For the first time in the history of Cursed Realms I did not have to do a CODE check in. Just update to the web server the level work I did. That is HUGE…. another words… I just worked in engine tonight to make level one… Big milestone… And time for bed.. the day job is requiring a lot of me lately and paying the mortgage is very important…. Night all…

More tomorrow…


7 Responses to “IDEA!”

  1. Doom Says:

    I think it would be cool! Or go as far as opening a portal to go to a special level/area to fight..
    How would one know if they got the boxes placed right?..the sequence would have to change for each level yes?

    • Ryan Says:

      My current thinking is there are set patterns for named bosses… and you CAN summon them any level however the higher level ones would DEMOLISH you as a newb…. BUT if you are a bad ass then you could take down some major ones and garner some great items to research…. what do you think doomsday =)…

  2. Doom Says:

    Yeah..that would be sweet..what would the items won be? Could open the door for a bunch of stuff…harder levels/fights should produce rarer items..looking up Dead by April now 🙂

    • Ryan Says:

      Incomparable Is the disc I am listening to ..spotify has it =)…

      I’ll share it here…

      I like it too Will do

    • Ryan Says:

      What do you think of dead by april? … screaming hard coords… decent stuff .. I actually could loose the hard singing and live with the regular vocals…. but it is really good for motivation.. =)

  3. Ryan Says:

    What I am listening
    To while working 😉

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