Holidays = time I actually get to pretend I am working on Cursed Realms full time =)… Ok back to work!… I will post as I go when I get chances…

Working =)

First five minutes are almost done =)

It will go faster and faster =)

Wow… finding lots to fix now that the game is fully up and running level ones first 5 minutes =)

Mee getting my butt kicked =)


4 Responses to “Holidays!”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    Yeah, I bet you need a holiday! 2 kids, wife, full time job and creating a whole videogame from scratch! Hope you’re having a good time, got snow yet?! 😉

    • Ryan Says:

      Its 78 today! =) Jeep top off and beautiful!.. =)

      Tomorrow though it gets cold!…65 for a high! =)

      Yes a vacation would be nice but that is for when cursed realms is done =)…. this one has stretched longer then Mission Europa… mainly due to the creation of a very robust new opengl es 2.0 shader based engine =)….

  2. Medicalbenko Says:

    Happy thanksgiving everyone!!

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