Still working the list And then playing and fixing

The ai is really shaping up. I refactored all the ai code into different files so as to be easier to work on. As always if a problem is to big break into smaller more manageable parts. The same goes with code. Break it into smaller files and functions then your problems will show themselves. 😉

I will be back at it soon tonight when I get home I will post more then…

Hope you all had a great day!

I know this game is taking forever but as a second job it lands in my spare time =)… unless some super rich person decides to sponsor its dev I will stay there =P… I did also join a compettive Brazilian jujitsu team today =),,, I am nuts btw… It will not interfere to much with development. I need some more competition in my life and it fit the bill. Anyway I am running tests on the AI … I am placing scenarios in place to be sure they behave as they should. IE long distanc medic to corpse the medic should win. Short rant the corpse. Long range 3 corpses to 1 medic the medic should take down 1 and the other 2 make progress and get into the group of medics killing them. GAMEPLAY SHAZAAAM! =)… moving very well… I will be back to level 1 tomorrow ! =) mass combat seems done…


2 Responses to “Still working the list And then playing and fixing”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    I had a Superduper day! My truck broke down, I put it in the shop and had to stay home all day to play Borderland2! Talk about making the best out of a bad situation!

    Go Ryan Go!!!

    • Ryan Says:

      LOL I am still trying to find time to play that dang game.. I like it a lot more then 1….. Good luck on the truck!… Shoulda bought a Jeep =P….

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