Still working on the tutorial level script

Preliminary Research tree released =). not pretty but the tree is there..I will work on it more this weekend. The tutorial is about complete so I need to finish the research tree and the front end menus… ALPHA IS GETTING CLOSE! =)… Just need more off time to work and guess what christmas is coming!!–Research

Still working on the tutorial level script (not a video you play through it as the game progresses brain fart last night). It really takes a very long time to create as I have to explain a TON about these systems to get players up and running. This is no one touch game =)… I have Brazilian Jujitsu ( ) tonight then after that if I can still move I plan on tossing some good time at Cursed Realms. Soon I will pull back to 2 practices per week and not 3 as it is just beating me to death =)..

Got my first double heel hook takedown from full guard today while fighting…it was awesome…Now back to work…

I am working on the tutorial as always =)… muscles are BURNING =)…


2 Responses to “Still working on the tutorial level script”

  1. Hellspawn Says:

    Did the mobile version of this page change?
    Or did the design generally change?

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Its up to WordPress.. I hate the whole Mobile thing.. phones are strong enough to handle web pages.. =/

      I did not do anything =)

      Come back later today I am updating and letting everyone read the research trees =)… pretty good stuff ..

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