Saturday means WORK!

Update: Wow amazing what a few hours of available work time provides Cursed Realms..

Here is the base research menu all those tabs at bottom are all new menus of items to research…. quite a freaking lot! =P…

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz183


I am adding some lore so I can finish up the item names and who constructed them. This is still rough and just an overview that will be flesh out in game as you play =)..

Main Wiki:

Realm Overview:–Realm+Overview

Warpwit the mad:–Warpwit+the+mad


Gorerip of the Couldron:–Gorerip+of+the+Couldron

Hungergut the Devourer:–Hungergut+the+Devourer

Bonebrood of the Fallen:–Bonebrood+of+the+Fallen


I get to work!

So I need to firm up the research today. Possibly get into getting the menus done…then back to level one and start making the game play from intro into level 1. I need to design out the syndicate part of the game where before the level you construct the minions that will be available to you during the level. You get 3 minion types and an imp. Research garners you more items to implant in them…More later work time now….


5 Responses to “Saturday means WORK!”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    They say that when you do what you love, it’s not really work!

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      It is not as bad as work at all =)…. Gets a little hard towards then end making a game because you start to feel the presssure from needing to finish though =)……

      Happy Saturday!…

  2. Medicalbenko Says:

    Happy Sabbath!
    I know what you mean Ryan about the pressure, but no worries, like Bioshock infinity got pushed back twice to better the game experience, if you decide to do the same I’m not going to worry about it bc I know you will deliver! It also gives me time to write out a script for the game and levels I plan to make lol

    • Ryan Says:

      Awesome! I cannot wait to see the player made stuff out there. That is by far the most exciting for me.. I know it will be complicated to make them BUT the complication is due to the amount of power exposed to the scripting and creation systems

      Some day I would like to add in ways to upload voices and also your own art to add to the game =)….

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