Loot Poll

Ok I am trying my best to get a loot system in that works with the design goals. Really I do not see a good way of having loot and making it fun. I would hate to have a drop on the other side of the map that I did not even see get lost due to me not having the camera over that area….or beating a level and seeing a major research tile go lost due to the next level script. I am not sure it really adds anything to the game. Currently you have:

1. Mods Armor
2. Mods Speed
3. Mods Damage
4. Healing
5. Damage
6. Debuffs
7. Buffs
8. Summons

That you research in a tree. The original idea was to have them drop as loot BUT I am just not liking that. I would rather as a player just open the research window when I build up a research point and pick the skill/spell/item I want. So what do you all think. I personally think loot is just over doing it and not helping….This is not really a loot like game (watch dungeon keeper videos as that is pretty much what this game is like)

This is a big one so please give it a quick vote.

Updated research page with description of how it will work this week when I finish it. =)



5 Responses to “Loot Poll”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    I don’t fully understand how the game works so I say let’s try it first and see what it’s all about. I like loots but if you have to chase it around or grind it can get tedious. But yeah, like playing Magic Carpet, sometime you can miss a skill and never have it unless you replay the level, kinda silly.

  2. Perran Selina Says:

    you could achieve a similar effect by gaining a credit / gold amount for each creature killed, to maximise your credit, you are encouraged to kill all the creatures on the level. you can then purchase small boosts / healing in a ‘shop’ … If levels continiously pump out creatures to kill, set an upper limit to prevent farming destroying the balance of the game.

    Looking good, cant wait for the release.

  3. Medicalbenko Says:

    Dude! Loot is freaked awesome! I’m all about loot. I can totally see loot being incorporated in this game. A quick fix for the whole what if my loot is on the other side of the map is easy! Just make the loot collectible by pressing the screen to collect no matter where on the map the loot is. You know, like they do in FarmVille or those other Facebook games. But in all honesty I don’t mind going around and looking for loot. However, I do not believe that loot should ultimately affect your ultimate decision on how you will go about advancing in the game, but affect your decision enough so you can come up with different strategies for example an “An all Paladin Defence,” can be a mix of healing, buffs, and def style loot or “A Bezerkers Barage,” can be loot that consists of damage, buffs, and speed. Please incorporate loot!!! You won’t regret it!

  4. Medicalbenko Says:

    I can see your point, so why not do both! You can research what you want for your minions, but for your main hero, you get some loot. Like I said loot should not be the major focus, but enough to be able to push the player to come up with tons of other strategies.

  5. ryan Says:

    It seems I will have to think of a way to get loot in there. At least have a pathway before alpha….I love the ideas I am off to work and after that I will get to the wiki and hash something out… possibly your research trees are picked up as loot from enemies…. along with the buffs and gold pickups by pressing them.


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