Chugging along…

Here is the information you can get on each item in game inside the research center that opens all items up to use….
iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz004

I will be including a looting system as it seems to be very important. I will post the new design soon. First I need to finish the research menu. I got about 2 hours of work in tonight. Being a busy busy monday that is not to terrible. I have the research menu opening and loading item icons from the database. Then when you press on it opens a menu on top describing in detail the research item for the game. =).. pretty nifty. Tomorrow I want to get the research menu completed after my Brazillian Jujitsu class. Then move back to loot. The current idea straddles a lot of yalls ideas and combines a few. I believe it will come down to when an enemy dies it has a chance of unlocking a research item (there are 74). Certain levels will only drop certain ones. And some ai are hard coded to carry them. Other loot would be a boost to mana or gold. Also one use spells. I think I will stack up to 10 in the spells menu thus you can keep them around until you want to use them…. that would give a fair amount of loot and only add a few evenings of work… what do you all think?……

For now sleepy time. I played a little to hard last weekend instead of working for once… and now I need some sleep =) way more tomorrow…


16 Responses to “Chugging along…”

  1. Astrauk Says:

    The loot system sounds great, looks like you are making great progress, can’t wait to see this beast finished

    • ryan Says:

      thanks and MEEEE TO….I just wish I had more time during the day… but thank god everyone here understands it is an after hours thing.. =) and a one man show…

  2. Medicalbenko Says:

    Just wondering, are we going to allow for players to be able to make custom loot for their maps and story arcs?

    • ryan Says:

      Yessiree if it fits in a script it can be changed… once you place an AI from the library you can change any setting including loot.. add FX like fire etc.. REALLY open ended… Just a little kluncky in the interface department as it has to be so open ended to give all the power to the maker… =)… you even could set the loot item to be another AI that pops up… =)

      • Medicalbenko Says:

        Very cool. Another more interesting question is can I work on the game on my apple laptop and then transfer the files to my iPad and continue working? If not, will this be something we could do in the future?

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        If it is released on Mac definately yes and easily.

        If not you could write scripts on your mac and then make email / msg / dropbox to IOS and cut and paste in game for long scripts..


        Anything is possible… time is the only limitation =-)

  3. Medicalbenko Says:


    • Ryan Says:

      Medical you have been active enough … what would you like a trap/weapon to be named as to honor your patronage ?…

  4. Ryan Says:


  5. MrSpud Says:

    I thinks this is the last day or so before the xmas app store lockdown, I was just thinking….have you ever considered having ME regular edition free for the holidays? Maybe get some money from in-app purchases? It would be a great time to generate a buzz and get some attention to your new game.

    I mean, I’m not a marketing specialist and I don’t know how many sales you would lose from it, but I’m pretty sure it would get noticed, I mean a free FPS/RPG?! Not much competition there.

    Also sorry I said the f word…. free. With all due respect to your hard work on the game. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Kirk Says:

      Agreed, I bought the $9.99 collectors edition and even though I’ve never made it past level 30, I dont regret my purchase. But making it free would definitely encourage people to buy IAP/ increase hype. All up to Ryan though, as he is the man with the numbers (daily sales, etc.) that determine whether such a decision would be worth it.

    • Ryan Says:

      collectors is open but yea good idea on standard =)… will doo

      And I will go for a free day when cursed realms is released =)

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    Chugging alongย… |

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