Moving along

I am tossing the rest of the traps in….heres the cute little mini-Phaser turret

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz184

and dead

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz185

And the mini gun… going down the list =)…

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz187

More as I go =)..

Plasma gun with plasma shot

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz188

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz189

Got down to the rocket launcher… almost done with him I have to make the rocket and effects for it…. then a few more and the trap items are done! =)… back to the research menus after I make the trap icons from their in game counterparts =)…


4 Responses to “Moving along”

  1. Darkredninja Says:

    Woohoo! Looking awesome so far :D!

  2. Medicalbenko Says:

    Here’s an idea for a trap! Why not make a pit were you have some really hungry monsters and the enemies fall to their doom. Or it can be a deminsion pit trap that teleports you to a really crazy creature 😀

    • Ryan Says:

      I like the idea but it might take a lot of work with the way the game is set up.. above ground traps are FAR easier… =) Keep the ideas coming =)

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