Ok family Christmas almost over

So full on work time again today =)… I had some family in town I see once a year so I had to take yesterday off. I will post as I go. I have quite a list to get to today. Merry Christmas all….

Working on the research menu icons and functionality… getting the game working together with the data =)…

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz205

Getting there.. Had some stuff come up today but I will have a BUNCH of time this week for cursed realms =)

Here are some more icons in the research tree…

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz214

iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz213

Avert your eyes mr spud… tones of typos and miss-spell-erin going on dere =)…


One Response to “Ok family Christmas almost over”

  1. Medicalbenko Says:

    Merry Christmas!!!

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