Update: Going strong. This has to be the longest tutorial I have ever created or worked on. It has to cover so much!..It is insane as this is no casual push your finger and play game it actually takes a brain behind the finger =P. I think I am 3/4 of the way through the whole thing. I have taught the player to dig, use the menus, create a treasury tile, how each minion needs food/homes, how to tell a minion to change jobs, how to tell a minion to research, and how to use that research so we can level up an ability. I still need to show the research menu and how it works, show how units create factory units to construct things, how to place the traps using factory units, how spells work, and combat….There is a little left on the tutorial but it is getting there. There really is a LOT of scripting and a powerful system that can follow the player through all the players input knowing they are completing the tasks =)… good stuff!… more later…


Argh I thought I would never get done with all those items and menus!.. But back at it. Not much to post I am adding in a lot more camera angles and shots during the intro to break up the scenes … and just making it cool as I can… then combat testing menus and alpha Finally… sheesh I picked one hell of a big project… but thats the way we roll around here =)….

More later..





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