I finally finished the quotes…




Update lots of work tonight 😉 working on combat now




I added a button showing the current mode and that relays the description in the info window. Here it is at work..

There are a ton of them and enough for alpha for sure =)…I am getting back at it now and I will try to post as I work =) I am going about making it all fit together now and adding as much wow as possible =)…

Happy Monday!


4 Responses to “I finally finished the quotes…”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    Diggable! You’re killing me man… 😉

    Really starting to get excited about this game, more complex than I thought, good stuff!

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:


      Lol I will need you super spelling powers in alpha!

      • MrSpud Says:

        When you’re done with the dialog, maybe email me a .txt file and my wife and I could go over the whole thing. She’s much better than I am, not just the spelling but grammar too. Maybe it won’t be perfect but it will be damn close! And free!

      • Anonymous Says:

        Will do!! I have most of it all in one text file now =).. thanks!

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