Adding in combat numbers…


I went to a friends and checkout a board game he got last week and it reminded me how much a simple dice roll with specials afterwards could add excitement. So I am adding in combat numbers during combat and critical hits with some random effects at even more random moments… =).. Ill post when I get it done. I am adding in a new node that resides in world space but renders in screen space for the numbers and some cool targeting like effects. More later…

Got it all in and working fast its awesome.. I love number spew telling me the damage done by my choices… and the effects system is already stellar… good stuff this is getting good!..

Need an enemy that looks like this….scary


2 Responses to “Adding in combat numbers…”

  1. EFX Says:

    Very nice indeed always nice to show damage and alter damage sfx pitch and freq with rand when possible

    • Ryan Says:

      Yes.. that slot machine kind of effect really helps. The loot will help also I still need to finish that AFTER I make combat as interesting as possible.

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