New tags on chars


Update: I settled with this look as I think all the other stuff was just to much I will convey buffs and debuffs with effects. The icon pool was too much now just a simple level and health 😉


Here is why you Mach things up first… I wanted to show all the buffs per chat at all times….and now way it’s to much just level and go bar is all I am going with… The buffs and debuffs will be effects then icons will be in the ai info window





2 Responses to “New tags on chars”

  1. Hellspawn Says:

    maybe you should only show the enemy hitpoints, and you can get a detailed info if you klick on them (like e.g. an ingame description level hitpoints in numbers like 23/50 Hitpoints)
    Happy sunday
    And as the announcer in game dev story says:”good luck and good gaming”

  2. Ryan Says:

    ;).. dev story was a great game =).. I played it to DEATH… funny too.

    still working on combat and the buff system/display

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