Buff system in… adding fx and playing to perfection….

Not much to post but when I get something I will…. It has been a really busy past few days. We had to go look for a new car for my wife as her old beater is starting to give up the ghost… She is settling on a used Challenger SRT8… I love it..

More cursed realms when I get time..


6 Responses to “Buff system in… adding fx and playing to perfection….”

  1. Doom Says:

    Whoah..nice choice 🙂 y’all are both riding in style 🙂
    Hey, ever heard of jeeps and death wobble? Friend has it bad on his..
    Happy Monday night 🙂

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      send your bud here

      I had horrible jeep jumping scary death wobble. I followed that, found and replaced a bad tie rod to pitman arm link, replaced my torque bar, and got bigger tired (at 30 psi) that are supposed to be on the size lift I have and all is great now. One of the greatest causes is balancing and alignment as death wobble is just a vibration that turns into a resonance… find whats causing it and your fixed.

      Thank God my wife got that job now she has a awesome car coming if all works out and not a hooptie anymore… =)..

      Good times!

      If he has any jeep questions have him fire away as I have done everything on my own to my jeep from my 3.5 aev dual sport lift to the Cold Air intake kits to the custom gate area cover and sub setup… I love that damn thing even after driving an srt8

      • Doom Says:

        Will pass it on, the dealer he bought from days there is nothing wrong..he can’t go over 50.. 😉

      • Ryan Says:

        Follow that video there is definitely something wrong… They will do that though and pull that crap out of their butts.. The check up only takes about 20 minutes in that video and it fixed me. ONE of those parts is worn out and needs to go. Also be sure the steering stabilizer is still good (no leaks or damage as rocks can get under there and get it ) Tell him I had it when I first bought mine used and now its all good and a hell of a good time =)…

  2. MrSpud Says:

    Must be nice to be able to drive a sport car all year round! I mean, ever tried to drive a powerful rear-wheel drive car in the winter? You won’t make it out the driveway, or the common sense police will get you!

    Anyway, nice car, terrible on gas… just like my car! My Subaru WRX gets like 22MPGs but it’s better than most 4×4 in the winter driving. Screw it, I’m having fun! Oh, and cars last about 30% less up here because of the salt on the road eating up everything, it’s rare to see vehicles more than 15 years old.

    Hope your car drives as nice as it looks, I got burned too many times with American cars (sorry!) but the trucks are great ( Ford/GMC). Well, I just might have to drive down there and race ya!

    • Ryan Says:

      LOL if the title clears up and we get it I will clean her up and post some pics… it is probably the fastest car I have driven. It supposedly can get sub 5.0 0-60.. and with some simply mods much better then that. It is heavy as heck but will snap that neck back. I just hope all the title stuff clears up and we can get a hold of it.

      I do not like living in the north man that snow and cold is so hard to deal with. I LOVE the sun and swimming/out doors without wearing 18 layers of clothes. =).. in about a month and a half we will start heating the pool again…and I like the jeep top and doors off =)..

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