Re factoring the weapons code.

Update: Working late at the day job stinks =/ TGIF!

I want this sucker to be highly expandable into a really large scale sandbox game beyond what it is now. So I am building for the future also. Once Cursed Realms is done it will be VERY easy to pump out fun different games. That requires me to do the grunt work early. I am going back through and re-factoring the weapons code and reducing the number of code paths needed for the data driven model. Boring stuff visually but systemically very exciting =)… more when I get time…


3 Responses to “Re factoring the weapons code.”

  1. Hellspawn Says:

    I’m German so yes Europe) and I love Snow (for a week after that its terrible) 16″ of Snow that sounds crazy. That reminds me of my Trip to switzerland when I was little. About the same amount of snow, It was like Heaven to me back then.

    what 58 degrees F whats that like 14 C, thats not cold we’ve had that since October.

    I guess you have to be born in Winter to love Snow.

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