I need a time machine =)

Update: Had a pretty good night. I got about 2 hours of work in and got a ton done. I cleared a TON of the list. I need to continue battle testing the units in alpha as they need to be perfect. I basically want an equation where in normal combat situations corpses take 3 medics to kill. Imps take 2 hit from a corpse etc. And each type is a little better at something. Either speed, strength, agility, weapons, or spells. Anyway time for bed I have to be up at 5:30 tomorrow as I am trying to move my Brazilian Jujitsu mat time to mornings as nights I want to leave to Cursed Realms. =) More tomorrow in this little diary of a moonlighting dev…

Hard to find time lately with all sorts of things eating my time… The fence is finally done. Now I am still getting nick naks fixed up on my wifes SRT-8 and that takes time. My wife just started nights so I am a mini-support group for her. O and I have two nutty boys in jujitsu and baseball. So if you see a time machine for sale please point me to it =)..

I am combat testing the final time with the re-factored systems. Things are really getting better every minute I get to put in. It is just finding those minutes is the hard part =)…It will get done just when is the question and when it is content generation is so quick things will fly!…


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