Here is a central difference between Cursed Realms and Dungeon Keeper.



Characters in cursed realms are like any MMO or RPG. They have real stats that are buffed or added to with modifications to their bodies internaly. Below in my cut and paste notes are how combat will take place during a hit. First are the stats and a general description. Below that is what occurs in a strike. It should make for some good random and spontaneous game play with dodges, blocks, critical strikes, armor reduction, buff effects and triggers, etc. All of this happens on a pretty massive scale with LOADS of enemy AIs on screen. Back to the day job! More later tonight is a work night.

This is all cut and pasted from my online working docs.

Hit points.

Used to increase damage for ranged fighters AND melee and helps Criticals and chance of dodge.

Reduces damage to a max of 75% reduction.

Bonus damage to add to any hit.

Adds to melee damage and

How fast are they.

Get to hungry and stats drop along with mood. Stay hungry to long and you might have a berserk-er on your hands.

Same as hungry but rest needed in a house…

Helps in research and ranged attack damage

How good are they in your factories.

See Distance:
How far can they detect enemies.

Good or enemy

What level are they. This adds in armor and damage to those of higher level against lower level.

Combat Step by Step of an attack:

–. Attack occurs- Damage of X

— Chance to Block due to strength of Victim
Block Chance = 1% + Level Difference Critical increase + (Strength * 0.01)
(Max 10% chance)
Chance Attack pushes through due to Strength of Attacker
Cancel Block = Level Difference increase + (Strength * 0.005)

If successful damage is canceled.

— Chance to Dodge Due to Agility of Victim
Block Chance = 1% + Level Difference Critical increase + (Strength * 0.01)
(Max 10% chance)
Chance Attack pushes through due to Strength of Attacker
Cancel Dodge = Level Difference increase + (Aglity* 0.005)

If successful damage is canceled.

— Melee or Ranged
Melee: X += X * Strength and Agility are multiplied by their add number to add damage.
Ranged: X += X * Intelligence and Agility are multiplied by their add number to add damage.

— Paper, Rock Scissors Test for the Victim as each AI is a paper a rock or a scissor
Win : Drop damage by %
Loose: Add damage by %
Tie : Do nothing

— Get armor of victim.
Max armor of 1000
Armor of 100 reduces UP 10 % of damage
Reduction Roll is 50% reduction + 50% * ( strength * 0.01 ) + level difference * 0.1
Max reduce is 95%

–Critical hit chance.
CritChance = 1% + Level Difference Critical increase + (agility * 0.02)
(Max 15% chance)
Then the percentage is reduced by the victims Agility
CritChance -= Level Difference Critical increase + (agility * 0.005)

–Process Buffs
Push Damage through buffs of Attacker and modified or triggers a buff action.
Push Damage through buffs of Victim and modified or triggers a buff action.

Final damage is applied to AI


9 Responses to “Here is a central difference between Cursed Realms and Dungeon Keeper.”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    How do you come up with these numbers? Is it from previous experience with another game or just some mad science math calculation!? Looks pretty deep to me.

    Also, used snowblower for sale, interested? 😉

    • Hellspawn Says:

      Damn I could use a snowblower, its snowing! AGAIN!

      To the stats:
      speed seems a little weak to me, as in has little effect, maybe you could make speed affect how fast they attack, or how long theor skills tick before they can be used.

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        Actually speed is very dangerous. And haste on a strong tank could get you destroyed. Ai that are slow are low
        In speed as they can plow right through your ranged attackers . Speed allows ranged attackers time to do their work before a pus bucket is in their face and two hits them dead 😉

        Speed is one of the numbers I use to tweak all the others. If one can outrun another it makes quite a difference.


        It is getting really close to a full on game finally. The last few weeks have been really hard with my wife starting to work nights 😉 all good now it seems

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Experience and math. I want combat to be surprising and sometimes nail biting. So there are a lot of maybes thrown in maybe less damage maybe more damage maybe a reflect spell os on them etc…. I have played a LOT of games and lately I have been buying board games like decent into the dark. Those board games HAVE to be fun. Video games can cover boring gameplay with lots of pretty graphics (final fantasy anyone?). Weathers great here 😉

  2. Catharsis Says:

    I’ve been following your project for a while. I’m actually a big fan of the work you are doing. I’ve been dabbling in Indy game development here lately myself. I’m still learning to code and while I think I will be sticking to the ease of unity java script, seeing what you have been able to accomplish is me something to aspire to. What software are you using to model your characters? I’m a maya and sketchup guy myself.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Thanks that means a lot! =).. I use blender and gimp. Both are free and both with LOADS of free plugins. Both are VERY easy to write plugins for.

      I was a Maya person when I worked professionally in the game industry with some soft-image and Max.

      Unity is a great platform. I needed something that I could specialize to what I needed so I rolled my own again after Mission Europa. This engine will be sticking with me forever as modular as I made it =)…

      Don’t give up! These projects are probably the hardest thing a single person can attempt to create as it takes years (depending on the scope of course and mine are stupid big =) )… =) If you ever have questions as to the decisions I made along the way fire away that’s why this blog is here.

      Hopefully I get this bad boy to alpha soon!.. Spare time has been lacking lately.

  3. matthew Says:

    heyy, Ryan, can u please please add an update for necromancer for the ipod 5? It didnt crash on my ipod 3g, but it crashes a lot on my ipod 5. Could u please fix this? Thank you.

    • Ryan Says:

      Hmmm I wonder if I can just take it down for sale on the iphone 5. (It only makes a few bucks a month)… I will look at both options after I get to alpha on cursed realms.. Old necromancer and the late late nights.. =) It will take quite a bit to upgrade to the latest version of XCode and ios 5.1 Heck I think it is ios 3. something…

      One thing can describe when it crashes?

      Glad your playing it!!! =)

  4. matthew Says:

    The game crashes during loading scenes. For example, whenever I go back to down or try to descend a level, it crashes. The only thing you have to fix, is make it so that the game will change and not crash during these scenes. And dont take it off the store!!!! haha I love this game nad I played it all the time on my ipod 3g. It really is a great game and I think it is highly under appreciated. Hopefully youll look into fixing it. Thank you!!!!


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