This is getting good!

Zany blood will mess you up quick


Shhhhh behind you


Bigs can be funny … Poor dwarvenized medic 😉






I am also going to add a buff called Corpse Explode. The user corpses have a chance when hit of exploding and doing area effect damage if they get the chance roll….It is amazing how fast things are moving now!

Users will inject drugs during combat that given them the hasten effect as seen below in overdrive 😉 they get pretty damn quick after that 😉




5 Responses to “This is getting good!”

  1. Doom Says:

    That should be just sweet! Exploding enemies and cranked up speed freaks..I like it! Should be pretty crazy when multiples are all going off randomly :))

    • Ryan Says:

      Man it is getting crazy now that all the features are ccoming together… you will also be able to put that buff on your guys and make them explode!.. =)… planned is a super buff that you place on one of your guys and after a count down a demon tears its way out of his body to serve you =)… that is post alpha…

      • Doom Says:

        Wow cool! That will be an effect that should just be dripping in blood and guts :)) glad to see it all coming together for you dude!

  2. Phredd Says:

    Sweet, I recently found this, no release date yet is there?

    • Ryan Says:

      Awesome! glad to have ya!.. Feel free to toss ideas as we go!..

      No release date as this is an after hours job for me -=)… Done when its done… we need to get to alpha first…But it sure is moving fast with what little time
      I am getting lately!…

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