Getting a lot done lately!
The list is shrinking not growing finally

Probably not going to have fog of war for Alpha 1…. which I tell yall is getting really close…


Let there be loot! 😉

I am finally back to making mission one after a bunch of re factoring for awesomeness…I will post here as I go!.. Man this is getting good and I know I have said it before but alpha is getting closer and closer. Now I am starting to feel it =)..








2 Responses to “FINALLY!”

  1. Kirk Says:

    Once again, this just looks better and better, and I’ve just got to comment: I like shiny things; the loot is shiny; THE LOOT BLOCK LOOKS FREAKING SLICK! Just caught my eye 😛

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      HEHE LOOT IS HERE! =) Thanks man!… I am really putting the time in now driving towards alpha again!… I cannot wait to get this in yalls hands to make it better and better =)….

      And thanks for the compliments they make the late nights worth it =)

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