I put in a TON of after hours this week.

I would say I put tin a solid 20-30 hours this week on Cursed Realms after my 40hr a week day job =).. been BUSY!!! However, Cursed Realms is getting really rewarding to work on. Tonight and this weekend I want to add more life to the already lively characters… when they excape scream game over man game over… and other random things =)…This is going to be awesome!…

I think I have NAILED the combat now… ranged minions try to keep range and melee run and chase them into corners pounding them….

more later when I get to it after the day job =)


6 Responses to “I put in a TON of after hours this week.”

  1. Samuel Tackett Says:

    Man I’m pumped for Cursed Relms. I loved ME and bought the collectors ed. The screenshots look great. My 2 girls who are 8 and 3 like watching me play Necromancer rising lol. It scares them. Just wanted to say keep up the good work.
    S. Tackett

    • Ryan Says:

      Thank you! Love the kind words.. really helps when I am at home in a corner working on a Saturday night -=) instead of bbqing or hanging with friends =).. BUT this is pretty darn rewarding !

      Working late tonight adding a BUNCH of awesome!…

  2. Brett Says:

    Hi there, just discovered you and your games… Recently upgraded to the latest ipad and bought mission Europa for it. Very good! Comparing it to game lofts sparkly fps (nova 3 etc) yes the graphics are not in the same league… But when your old school like me it’s not about graphics is it? I love the art direction and can happily sit and blitz this for hours at a time. I am an old school pc strategy gamer to be honest but want the pc strategy on my ipad ( I have many such games… Baldurs gate, palm kingdoms, battle for westnoth and a bunch of rts too). What I like about iOS over all other formats, consoles included , are the diversity of independent Devs like yourself who are bringing exactly the games of a 30 something that likes to play! Dungeon keeper clone for ipad! I’m wetting myself! What next? Black and white? Anyway… One question… When do you anticipate this being released and will it be ipad comparable ( ie not a scaled up app). ? I watching you closely, look forward to this, you can bet ill be buying it.
    Many thanks

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Rocket fuel for the late nights! thanks!… It made my year when M.E. won RPG of the year on touchgen in 2011. And yes Cursed realms is really designed for the iPad. It has its own set of iPad menus that will be released when the game is post alpha into beta. As far as completion date it is really hard to say. I work on these games in my limited spare time as selling a game for a dollar (then apple takes 30% and the government Taxing machine takes another 20%) means you have to sell a bazillion games to support a family =). I would love to have a break out hit someday and that is the goal. Maybe Cursed Realms will do it!

      If your interested in Cursed realms check out the design wiki.


      It is a MESS now and needs to be cleaned up but there is my To Do list… when it reaches zero before alpha then alpha will begin and I will be selecting a small group of dedicated players that want to help C.R. become a stand out title.

      Thanks for the interest and stick around toss out ideas we love the company here on this blog =)..

      • Brett Says:

        Simple, don’t sell it for a doller. Easy to say I know but you know what? iOS market is a tough cookie.. People want decent games for nothing! Do they not forget that a console game is 40 pounds? I rarely spent 1 pound on a game on iOS. I look for the more expensive end of the market as I feel I am getting a deeper game experience. Heck last game I bought bar yours at £2.99 was balders gate and that was £6.99. It’s a shame that you can’t push a profit because of all the shovel ware that’s out there.

        Idea for your game….. Sandbox mode maybe? :0)

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        I hear ya the amount of shovel-ware really kills those that try to do something amazing. Sure enough it is a sandbox. I will be shipping the editor I made the game with also =)… and a method to share your levels with other platers. You can do anything I do making levels aside from adding new content like audio and new models or textures. You can make new effects and scripted cut scenes etc!…I will probably attempt to recoup 2 years of work by selling the game in pieces… Free to 3 levels then 0.99 to buy episode 1. Then 0.99 of the editor if you want to create levels. 0.99 to access the online levels made by others. I may charge for downloading more then 20 levels or something to recoup costs of the server. Then 0.99 per episode as the come out. Also some units and summons must be purchased… However, it only takes 0.99 to win. The other purchases just make the game more expansive =)… back to work!

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