Working on lore and items and ….

Just going through filling in history and descriptions. Everything in the game has a name,history, and description. Almost all have an icon. Thus I can do some really cool stuff with the items and in future games with this engine I can really expand it into more of an open world with items that are deep in nature tying into lore and the like I have already written.

As far as the list of issues until alpha it is really short. I think the biggest time sink left will be the creating of a ton of audio clips. Every character has taunts, escapes, deaths, on hits, and sound effects and it really adds up. However it adds soooooooo much when they are talking smack as the battle =).

Depending on how the day job goes I can see in the next few weeks an alpha forming up. It is just so hard to predict when this is an after hours project =)..

More later!


One Response to “Working on lore and items and ….”

  1. Taqorrub Says:

    thanks brother for your information 🙂

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