Burning the midnight oil

Update: I have completed all the minion audio and I am really happy with it! Zangblood came out great. Audacity really is a great free app and sound studio for the mac a cheap but also fantastic app..

Anywho…. done tonight.. I have Brazilian jujitsu tomorrow so I need my rest =)… Here is to at least 2 arm bar submissions and maybe even a lucky triangle or rear bare naked =)… good stuff!





Empty treasury nodes… A bad thing 😉 kinda like my bank account 😉



I was able to get half the final audio in last night as I worked until 1 am ;)… It’s starting to feel like I am back in the main stream game industry 😉

Tonight I hope to get the rest and get on with finalizing the level. I’ll post some pics as I work tonight and some during the day when I get breaks at the day job 😉

More later!


7 Responses to “Burning the midnight oil”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Wait is this an fps or wat, sorry its just that in the screen shots it looks fps but then again it doesnt look like an fps

    • Anonymous Says:

      You can select a unit and switch the view to FPS and “see through their eyes”, it’s more like a feature. The game plays like the old Dungeon keeper.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Its different =). It is a homage to dungeon keeper and syndicate. Two of my favorite games from the 90s. You build your base cast spells/abilities and reign down hell from above. Then you also can buff up a minion and take it over. EVERYTHING can be taken over even turrets. You then can explore or play as that minion as you are a better attacker and defender as they are =)… Each minion has its own stats abilities, eyesight, breathing sounds, sounds , attitudes….etc. There is loot, research, and an rpg story line. Cursed realms will be quite something when it is done =) ..alpha will start soon.

      • Kevin Says:

        Heres a good question, how much will the game be wen its out?

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        Free for the first 3 levels =).. then 1.99 for each episodeand there will be additional units and spells purchasable to support future development. Also available will be a full level editor and script editor that I am using to make the game on your device in game. You may then upload to my server and share levels / rate levels / make spells / make characters. Even build a story line and have levels chain together =)… crazy stuff. That will cost a dollar or so to be involved in as it costs me to keep that running =)..

        Pretty wild game coming soon =)

      • Kevin Says:

        Is there goin to be a collectors edition like in mission europa? Cause i would love to purchase the app with all episodes already there

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        I could have that option in game. I will never make multiple versions of the same game again 😉 such a nightmare to keep them straight and updated 😉

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