I think I am remaking level 1 the last time

Update well life has jumped in the way no work tonight as a week after my wife’s grandma passed my last grand parent Gg my grandma almost went tonight we ran up the and are back home
. Thus no work tonight ….wonderful 95 year old lady I hope she gets at least a few more years… I will get work done tomorrow do not worry alpha is coming!

Update: Sounds tonight and I will start to wire together the game for alpha =)… Another words get the intro back in there. Create a new title screen that rocks with the button to play. Then have it start the cut scene that leads to level 1. Attach the end cut scene on a defeat of Zangblood. Good stuff! =)…getting close I could guess next few weeks I will be playing through and starting alpha prep finally if life stays out of the way =)..

I know I have said this a hundred times as I have had to restart as I needed new tools, assets, etc to continue. Right now I have the top part of the level in and scripted/playable and it is all working. All the characters are balanced now and the effects/sounds in. (I still need to create about 40 more audio clips for the nasties of the first level.)

I feel like this guy has finally had his last laugh and alpha is forming up…


The last few big things will be the intro menus to get to the first level and creating your characters to play with.

More when I get time!


3 Responses to “I think I am remaking level 1 the last time”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    When testing starts, should we use the ME forum and maybe rename/rearrange the forum/sub forums? It’s much easier and convenient posting pictures and such, for me anyway. Also, testflight was a breeze to use, are you planning on using that method again?

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Yes sir I will create a cursed realms forum on the cursed realms site for us.

      And if test flight works this time yes I love it. It used to have problems with games the size of cursed realms šŸ˜‰

      Starting to get excited about alpha!

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