Evolution of a title screen

I am creating the title screen now and will update as I go… first it starts with this..


And some photoshop baby


And as I go I will keep adding the steps… the next one is getting it on the iPad and seeing all the items working with the shaders =)

Update: First time totally in game. Now time to tweak. I started first with a vision of what I want in the game then here we are with a first start in game. I want the sun with the arms of energy bigger. the back ground star field to dim towards the star. The earth to be more round. I still want to have arcs of blue flowing energy around the earth. Bodies as if from space ships floating from behind you towards earth. Maybe some ship debris also. I also want explosions under a cloud layer on earth as if war is ravaging the planet as it is in Cursed Realms… a hard place to stay alive.

(As Always Click For A HUGE version)


Next update I will have major tweaks in. =)

update here is where the title screen stands those steams are flowing towards you



4 Responses to “Evolution of a title screen”

  1. Medicalbenko Says:

    Title screen looks awesome man 😀

    • Ryan Says:

      Awesome!! I like it to a little wok to go but that is what tomOrrow is for 😉 it’s even better in motion 😉

      Any ideas?

  2. Kevin Says:

    Nice job, hopefully the games worth it, n doesnt crash or lag on ipods

    • Ryan Says:


      This is a new engine written from scratch with all sorts of safeguards. =) And that is what Alpha is for. =)… No Rush it has to be right =)

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