Today I link the menus together

Update: menus wired.. music in… and picked… My wife said holly s@!# that is getting good… AWESOME! Now to the character menu and level 1…Sweet!.. The most amazing thing is now I am creating almost entirely in the game on my phone!

Today I link the menus together and lock them down so you must navigate them properly and not wander around the 3D scene =)… I will have some good pics to post soon of me creating and playing level 1 prepping for Alpha!…

I do have one major item left in assembling your minions and the screen for that. It may take a few days but all that is really left after the minion screen is making level 1 as good as I can before I get the Alpha team together. Good stuff!

Here is where the title screen is.



2 Responses to “Today I link the menus together”

  1. Korean Wonders (@KRWonders) Says:

    I like the “Created Entirely By” šŸ™‚

  2. ryanmitchellgames Says:

    I hope it may help get the word out to people. The hardest thing is to climb out of the sea of cr-apps out there and be noticed =)..

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