Really moving along!


I need to get the mod screen finished and then tie te character selection to the game 😉 getting close!

More tonight!





I also will be working on the title screen some more as I got some good comments on how to make it better here is the first step… A ways to go on it


10 Responses to “Really moving along!”

  1. Aaron Says:

    I noticed that when the ‘Zangblood’ screen is up, it doesn’t say what he is of. It says ‘zangblood of the’ and stops.

    Also, on a totally unrelated note, I have been playing Mission Europa FOREVER now and am almost level 50. I really love that game!

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I noticed that also after taking shot =).. Thanks!.. I also noticed the pus bucket name is wrong. I need to fill in all the text I am still getting it all tied together and working =)

      CONGRATS! So few make it that far =)…I love hearing my work is still being played =)

      • Aaron Says:

        Okay good! I cannot wait for the beta to come out, or at least for some game footage.

        Really? I know it was sorta hard getting this far and all but dang. I am so close to the end of the game, level 46 or 47 I think I am on. But one thing I did notice is that occasionally the game crashes during loading screens. One good outcome though is that I learned to save all the time, and that helps me when I do other things too!

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        Yes poor old Mission Europa is showing its age. This new engine is exponentially more stable!.. totally rewritten of what I learned with my first two big ios games!

        That is awesome.. the last level is hell good luck! =)..

  2. Aaron Says:

    Thanks! I will fight to my last! Or until I rage quit. Lol.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Im not sure if this is intetional, but there are two different monsters with same name, zangblood of the…

  4. Imperator Says:

    Looking tons better already Ryan.. (I’m also Ryan btw)

    The recolour and sizing of your logo and created text works better, it doesn’t detract focus now from the main text.. But white makes it very visible. A good move.

    The title text needs some filters around it to give it atmosphere, but this is a big step in the right direction.

    I think a good title screen is essential to setting the mood.

    Will keep viewing the progress!

  5. Imperator Says:

    I find that the blue “gravity” belt clashes with the synergy of the rest of the image, is it possible for you to change this to a shade of red/orange or smokey grey.. Obviously you would have to play around a bit, but I think it would help.

    I used my iPad to draw over your title text, for what I was envisioning… Do you have an email I can send the image to?
    It is a bit crude, but it might give you some ideas to try.

    • ryan Says:

      Sure! ryan dot dtmarchitect at gmail dot com. 🙂 the dots change to . and the at change to @ that is the day job email.

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