Busy day today!

Still working on the title logos. I like the straight lines more then this. So I am going back to red outlines with a blood red glow around the text. So the below will be tossed and tried aging with an idea imperator has and sent me.





I am placing the cut scenes back in now that almost everything is done. I will be sprucing them up also with some new assets I did not had when I created them initially πŸ˜ƒ. I will post some pics of what I did last night today some
Time , but for now back to the day job 😰…




13 Responses to “Busy day today!”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Lookin great, keep up the hard work, this game looks like itll be worth the money

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Thanks! I will!.. It will definitely be different from all those play and forget apps out there =)…Just hope enough people talk about it =)

      • Kevin Says:

        Dnt worry ryan, i know alot of ppl, if the game is as good as im expectin, like those types of games that u cant put down to take a break or somethin, i for sure will recomend to all my friends n players i play with on gamecenter or gameloft live, so ill help u out, n is there gonna be multiplayer on this??? I would love to go against ppl, n show off my skillz lol

      • Ryan Says:

        In the future I think of it as a very possilbe yes. The engine is perfectly suited for multiplayer. I want to focus on the single player with all of my attention first as it is what 99.5% of all the people buying it will be playing (as I have experienced in past games I have made with multiplayer at launch date). But not for the initial release. I expect to finish the first episode and asses the time it would take to place in multiplayer. Then either gor for it then or finish the next 3 episodes and then work on multiplayer =)…

        You will be able to create levels, story line, cut scenes, hell everything I can do except add new models and sounds. You can even tie them all together =)…I am creating the game solely in engine really now.. I just have to add assets now and then -)

  2. Imperator Says:

    Multiplayer would be epic.

    I have sent you an email Ryan… Let me know if you can view all the images.

    • Ryan Says:

      Thanks will do I have Brazilian Jujitsu in about 30 minutes (if my hurt shoulder holds up) then a shower and back at it. I will take a look and post here later =)

  3. Kevin Says:

    Sounds epic, hopin to see trailer soon

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      probably in a few weeks to a month (depending on how much after work time I get as this is not the day job.. I made games professionally for 10 years at major game companies and then left to make my own after hours with what I learned =)…) for the video. It has to be all the way done and awesome

      • Kevin Says:

        Oh n ryan, heres a lil thing i highly recomend u do, dont come out with in app purchases for this game to purchase episodes, make a lite version n a full version, no in apps, ull lose money if u make it in app for episodes

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        Tried both going with one app for simplicity the last model
        Was horribly hard to keep updated. I want one version free for te first 3 levels and if you want you can buy the rest of episode 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 And a few other things… Just so much trouble for one gift to keep multiple versions updated ;/

  4. Kevin Says:

    Well its just wat i think, i mean there r hackers that have the ability to hack inapps n make it so ppl can get the episodes for free, i already modded a couple of my games with their hacks, so i know wat hackers can do nowadays, so u might lose money for the game

    • Ryan Says:

      I used to try to fight them and really there is no way to beat them (after all there are thousands of them against you and the better you do the more of a challenge they take it as). They will hack it if they want to you just have to hope you make enought legit sales to mak it worth while to produce games. 😦

      I had some serious methods to stop them but it also stopped jail broken hones thus failed. Whats really funny is they hack to save all of 99 cents =)

      Time for bed for me I have the day job tomorrow Night man =)

      • Kevin Says:

        Well ill try my best to get alot of ppl to support u ryan, dnt u wrry bout that, n good night ryan

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