All over the map ;)

—>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FORUM UP<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<——

Level 1 Intro Cut Scene Intro up for review (Spelling Grammar and general making sense):




I think this will be the final title
Screen for alpha. It needs to e seen in
Motion to critique it. More later!



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8 Responses to “All over the map ;)”

  1. Imperator Says:

    You have done it, this is perfect.. Almost the same as the image I sent.

    Looks sweet Ryan.

  2. Imperator Says:

    The blue beams actually works in the image too.. Maybe it was the text throwing it off.. But now it looks professional.

    Can’t wait to see this in game.

  3. Imperator Says:

    First image text rewording..

    Hey there, looks like you’re back… Then the rumor was true!
    You may want to just take it easy a minute. We just snatched you back right as your power core was failing.

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