Trying to finish level 1

Update: Working until midnight again. I FINALLY have the tutorial almost done (again)… then I move on to the actual fun stuff in the level with scripted events and cool stuff… tutorials are such a PAIN to create no one LIKES creating them. Especially since they are at the end of a project you are so ready to ship… O well so goes!.. and this one will be good. Alpha will help to move the tutorial to an even better state!… more tomorrow probably but we shall see!!!


Once it is done it will be time for me to play it. Then I will need to upgrade all my devices to the latest OS test it and we start alpha!… I am going to wait to voice over the tutorial until we have all tested it. I just cannot afford wasted time re-recording it when changes are requested.

More later!


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7 Responses to “Trying to finish level 1”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I hope u finish makin the game soon, i cannot wait to play it

  2. Marv Says:

    Don’t forget me for the German translation 🙂

  3. Kevin Says:

    Dnt forget bout me, just bcuz i want to show off to my friends:D maybe then i can get more ppl to purchase this game

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