Kicking ass and taking names today!

CLICK FOR HIGH RES! iPad3 images!

Got to watch out for that doom guy!


I will be posting as I go today!





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12 Responses to “Kicking ass and taking names today!”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Doom looks pretty amazin, n deadly

  2. Imperator Says:

    Looking so good Ryan.. This game sounds even better than Dungeon Keeper, with the customisation, editing and ability to possess even turrets lmao!

    Is the Doomsday Turret a throwback to Mission Europa by any chance haha, since starting three days ago i’m on level 11, love the fact you are with other humans and reptoids by this point, hope some monsters will invade the base for an all out war haha.

    • ryan Says:

      get ready they do later =)… gets ugly in the second defensive base… the tihrd gets even more crazy =)

      I need to do a sequel to mission europa some day with the new engine =)…

    • ryan Says:

      o and yes it is a throwback also dedicated to DOOM as he was the best tester in history up late nights on the phone with me working out mission europa!… Do you have the doomsday turret yet? And you know you can combine skills in ME to make them stronger right =)

      • Imperator Says:

        Yeah I figured that all out.. I have that turret, it is my favorite skill.. Really good game, The Death Kites killed me a lot though, i’m on 55 deaths to like 3822 kills iirc.. Shame multiplayer seems empty.. Bet it was fun.

        I will help you iron out any errors in testing too.. I’m prepared to put the time in for this amazing game.

  3. Doom Says:

    Awwww yeah… 🙂 lets play this sucker!

  4. ryan Says:

    Just need to find time to work… so busy these day…

  5. MrSpud Says:

    Using Christopher Walken’s voice…
    “We need more spuds, give me more spuds!”

    lol! Ryan is pretty cool when it comes to crediting the testers for ideas, I mean the doom turret was epic! Looking good!

    • Ryan Says:

      Your in there with the spud trap =)… hehehe Ill post a pic of the description =)

      Cannot forget Mr Spud and Medical

  6. Medicalbenko Says:

    Awww yeah! I have 2 weeks of school left and then alpha what!?! Loving the high def too!! Keep it up man. I’m here if you need any help!

  7. Imperator Says:

    As it is mentioned in another slide about reverting back to a fetal stage.. The part titled “Fetal regression” should be replaced with “Degeneration”

    If I see any other changes that make for more compelling storytelling I will point them out.

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