Still building level one



Imp does not have really good vision 😉



Training Imps currently…I am making them a little smarter. When you direct them to areas or drop them near a job they will take up that job.

More later its a working night….


I am finding a few issues Issues I will have to fix but for the most part things are moving very well.

Here is a shot as I work and it also shows a few issues I need to address =)


More later!





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13 Responses to “Still building level one”

  1. Medicalbenko Says:

    Totally awesomeness! I’m writing a story script that I will start building once the game is out. It’s got time travel!!

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I love it!.. Really seeing what others do creatively with your work is really rewarding!… hopefully in alpha you can help me develop the level building tools into the best user friendliness while creating your story =)..

  2. Imperator Says:

    This is an epic project, can’t wait for Alpha…

    The User Medics are really cool too, liking the fleshy parts and colour change 😉

  3. Imperator Says:

    Did you find a way to change the sub menu colours, all the ingame menus would look more in key with orange, i’m really feeling a bright orange instead of blue.. Obviously it is only a minor cosmetic, but it gives off the darker vibe.

  4. Imperator Says:

    I loooove the sky you used for this realm, think it looks amazing.. This game is graphically impressive for portable software.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Thanks! And a hell of an undertaking for one guy =P what was I thinking =)… .. I am a bit of a masochist -P

      I cannot wait to make some other skies for the other levels..

  5. Imperator Says:

    Yeah, it is certainly commendable… I have always been a bit of a grinder myself, choosing to keep doing it long after others loose interest, but nothing of this scope and magnitude.

    How many units have you got in game so far?

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I would have to count again. But I have the assets for 15-20 I think… They have to be moved to the new system… For alpha there will be 6.

  6. Medicalbenko Says:

    2more weeks of class and I’m all ready for alpha!!

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