I got a lot done yesterday!

Zangy with a tom of loot.


Update: Also please pass along that we exist here. Use the pics on the blog in other forums =). We need to start growing soon to get more input during alpha to make Cursed Realms all it can be =)…Use whatever you want on the blog and when alpha members get their copies take whatever pics you want to send out. =).. No media control here as in the big boys what you see is what you get =).




I an this from yesterday I just love debug lines 😉

Running screaming fast !





Shots from yesterday…

Really coming along!

Look! A Happy mr spud 😉 got it done last night with a crafty fix 😉 so far nothing broke and we have commas in commands! (I know easy compared to everything else
In the engine just neglected way to long )


I am adding in something I should of a long time ago to my command parser. The capabiltiy to use escape characters. Pretty easy just takes a little time. I found a good way to slip it in and it turned out to be a lot easier. Just place a /, instead of a , when using commas. Then it will skip and reform the string when it sees that. Anywho I will try to upload some shots later today while I perfrom my day job =). Busy busy busy… Happy Tuesday…


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4 Responses to “I got a lot done yesterday!”

  1. Medicalbenko Says:

    Have you tried setting up a interview with ign? I just read an article that they interviewed some guy because the game was something they liked. I am completely sure your game is awesome for an interview? Here is the article:

  2. Medicalbenko Says:

    Or maybe start a kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/ to ask people to help fund the game 🙂

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