Profiling time!

Update : Below I am testing the foot step sounds when you have possessed a minion and are walking around fighting as them.. Back to work




I am taking a break tonight from level 1 (which is constructed I am just scripting cool stuff into it..) to profile. Last night I increased the main shaders speed . Tonight I need to look at the skeleton update,skin update, no spec no glow shader, and shadow map shader. I want to squeeze out all the performance I can =). So far it is SCREAMING fast even with a ton of guys on screen I am getting a solid 30 fps. I need to profile combat before shipping but after this I will get back to making cool stuff on level 1 =).. I think I want to make more props also but we shall see.



9 Responses to “Profiling time!”

  1. Imperator Says:

    Sounds awesome, any new screens.. I can”t wait for Alpha, are we close Ryan?

  2. ryanmitchellgames Says:

    I hope we are you just never know wht you will stumble over with tens of thousands of lines of code and hundreds and hundreds of assets =)

    I will get some screens up

    I had no GI Brazillian jujitsu tonight and had to cook dinner for kids as wife is working so just sitting down to work =)… good stuff!

    Man I got my butt kicked today and a bloody lip =)… I should not skip practices =P

  3. Hellspawn Says:

    That guy in the last picture looks like a stormtrooper with blood :p
    Looking great so far keep it up!

    Btw Imperator, is that also an english word?
    Because I only know it in german.

    • MrSpud Says:

      A commander; a leader; an emperor; – originally an appellation of honour by which Roman soldiers saluted their general after an important victory. Subsequently the title was conferred as a recognition of great military achievements by the senate, whence it carried with it some special privileges. After the downfall of the Republic it was assumed by Augustus and his successors, and came to have the meaning now attached to the word emperor.

      Sorry, I like to get technical!

      • Hellspawn Says:

        interesting, it has the excact same meaning as in german but I always assumed it was a translation of emperor.
        thanks MrSpud

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Yea it is close. I
      Like the look
      Of the helmets so it is close
      But not close enough for the Lucas sue bat to hit me 😉

      • Imperator Says:

        Interesting, because I get a Master Chief vibe from Halo for the normal medics.. definitely different enough and doesn’t look like a rip.

        Yes Imperator means emperor, I also found it a little funny because in this game you really are an ‘Imperator’ or ‘Imp-Emperor’

        I always assumed Kaiser was the word for a leader/king in German.

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        It’s kinda a mix but a low level chat you will not use past the first 5 levels

      • Hellspawn Says:

        Yes Kaiser or as a synonym imperator which stands excatly for what MrSpud explained in his post

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