Posting ipad shots today as I work

I have been plugging away hard…Not much to show for it as it is mostly little things here and there and a lot of audio =)… Still going!

AGAIN CLICK FOR THE GIANT iPad3 Resolutions.. đŸ™‚

A good day to share a link to this blog with a friend that might like this game =) LOTS of media in super high resolution today =)






Working on the old ipad 3 today… so pretty =)

Click on images below for UBER resolution.





4 Responses to “Posting ipad shots today as I work”

  1. Imperator Says:

    Amazing Ryan, love the shots!

  2. MrSpud Says:

    I like the top screenshot, the interface/UI is looking nice! I’m glad you’re polishing it up, games like these the interface is half the game since you’re always looking at it. Really like it, looking like a pro Ryan!!

    No more snow, 80 degree outside, hockey playoffs are on, first time in 9 years, go Leafs go!! Hope you’re feeling better, have a great weekend.

    • Ryan Says:

      Thanks man I am feeling a lot better just weak now =)…

      It is coming together better every day. I just need a lot of those extra hours after work and family to get it to alpha finally =)

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