Fight this weekend….

Fixed a lot tonight and still going here is the list:

I add as I find things and take away as I fix =)..




I will be competing in Torque this weekend in GI and NO-GI Brazilian jujitsu tournaments. I am already scared =P…So Saturday will be interesting for sure…No arm bars please!! =)…Or guillotine (I tend to fall for those a lot)…If I loose though a triangle or arm bar loss is most likely. If I win it will be via arm bar or choke I am pretty good at those.

Cursed Realms: I am working when I can last weekend was a loss with mother’s day and a pool party on Saturday. Tonight I will be back at it. I had to add some behaviors so the user imps can come in and destroy your tiles and base. I am polishing as best I can. I want the scripted events to be fun and exciting so I am adding them as I play =)… More later… I will try to put up some shots later.


10 Responses to “Fight this weekend….”

  1. Tom Says:

    Make sure to post a video of your impending beatdown for my amusement. I would go watch it in person but my girl has a soccer tournament.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Would be fun to have ya there =)… I will see what I can do on video. Sometimes it is hard to do… No idea on this one never been to a Fight To Win tourney. Naga was VERY well put together.(minus the day of weigh in)

      I just hope I do not go over 185 even at the 175-185 range I will prolly be fighting a tall long armed guy each round.

      • Imperator Says:

        Learn from example, your sons did pretty well against taller longer armed opponents, let them be your inspiration.

        My reach is 76-78″ and i’m 5’10 lol… Would probably do good in your weight class.

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        Wow that’s a heck of a reach 😉 I have to rush in as I am 5′-8″ but 198 normally now cut I am down to 181 and feel like a starving man 😉 a few more
        Days then I pig out !!

        Excited and scared about the fights looks like I am lining up for 4-5 fights

  2. MrSpud Says:


  3. Imperator Says:

    Yeah, can be a bit of a knee knocker.. In my Tae Kwo Do days, I lived for the spar.. I was a kid back then though.. I’m currently 190 lbs… But feel I should be 175-180.. I would love to compete though.. The risks put me off.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Yea this is non striking, still dangerous lots of broken arms from arm bars and cuts/concussions from accidental hits.

      Very scary but that is what makes it interesting =)

  4. Imperator Says:

    Would flattening the tiles a bit be an option.. Looks as though it would makes blend more if it was less raised.

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