Welp came in 4rth in Gi and 5th in no GI

Update here is my no gi fight part 1 I am in the white pants far side fighting a 23 year old 14 years my jr .. He had endless energy!!

Part 1


Wow what a butt kicking. I only have an abrasion on my lip and a bum shin from a shin to shin hit. Over all not to bad. I think I was about to die on the 5th fight. I had NO gas left. For my first set of sanctioned fights I feel I did ok. Not great and I hate HATE losing…. This is no excuse but I did not like how they moved my adult 30-40 division into the 20-30 division loaded with 21 year olds. I still shoulda done better but the energy levels and amount of training time available to younger kids makes it a bit hard on us older folks. I know for sure next time I am cutting down to 165-175. All my competitors where tall and lanky as they cut to my level. I cut from 196 to 178. I coulda easily lost 4 more pounds. My sons did GREAT. My youngest got a gold and a silver. My oldest pulled the same as me a 4th and 5th place. Tough stuff!!! Making men of all of us.

Now tomorrow I will be back on cursed realms and there will be no distractions as I do not plan on competing for at least 4 months. Amazing day… and I am tired as hell and ready for some fattening food and BOOZ…. so tomorrow Cursed Realms. I hope you all have a great day!

Not real proud of
This fight but it’s one of the ones I won

10 thoughts on “Welp came in 4rth in Gi and 5th in no GI

  1. Grats on your win, you didn’t do that bad.. fighting and developing are contrasting titles, you can put more work in one and do worse in the other, finding the right balance is key.. Sounds like you don’t get enough time to train… So you did well.

    1. I think what killed me was doing two competitions one no gi that they combined the 30-40 year olds with the 20-30 year olds. That wore me out as you can see in the new videos up top.. That sucked!! But all of it was a crazy learning experience !! I am addicted!

    1. 😉 MAN was I tired lol… The first fight with the 23 year old kid (14 years younger!) wore me OUT…

      Now I am getting back to finishing Cursed Realms! =)

  2. Hey Ryan, i dont know if you are following the ‘War of the Overworld’ development. It started as a kickstarter project and is / will be a rebuild of dungeon keeper (reinventing as they go..) Its Windows only atm (coded with Unity) and no plans for IOS, so no threat to your development, but it would be worth taking a look.

    How they are implementing Fog of war for example is quite clever. (Each owned tile / wall has a light) and the creatures can see a few tiles in each direction. This way if a creature runs through un-owner territory, it gets re-fogged. But once the tile is owned its never un-fogged.

    Well done on your bout, couldnt make out what was going on, but you looked like you were enjoying it !

    1. thanks! I had not heard of it. This is different enough from Dungeon Keeper to be its own game. In fact if they are getting enough media it may help shed light on my little baby. I will read about their fog of war. I have a LOT more restrictions as my whole game has to fit in 30 megs where they get 2000 megs of ram and infinite hard drive not to mention 100x the graphic power =) small device development is quite a challenge =) but a fun one!

    2. Thanks again. I Just checked it out. Looks fun =). I did not see any lighting or effects I would love to see what they are doing there =). I am following that one =)

      1. If you are on steam, you can grab the beta there and play what they call the bedrock beta access, (or grab from their web site) . It is full of bugs, and not much of a game as yet. they say the release is August. Personally I think they will be lucky if it August 2014. They have a long long long way to go, but the potential is huge. You are going to easily be first out, and as you say, the build-up on their
        high budget full on Window game can only have a positive impact for Cursed Realms.

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