I need to work on the buff system a little.

I am not a fan of how they operate right now. So tonight I plan on doing some more work there. More later as I am having a really busy day at my day job.


6 Responses to “I need to work on the buff system a little.”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    So what do you say Ryan, PS4 or Xbox One?

    Also all the spammers are gone on the forum, good stuff!

    • Ryan Says:

      Thank you sir!

      I love both but XBOX wins! I think my adoration of the XBOX comes from the days when I developed on it the PS3 was a nightmare!!!!!! I mean NIGHTMARE!!! I mean night sweats and heart attack nightmare to develop on. =)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The PS4 is supposed to be a developers dream. From what I have read, the PS3 was not a great development platform. Personally I think I will go with the PS4, but there isnt much between them. The Xbox one now has Blu-Ray, that was the main driving factor for going with the PS3 first time around.

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