Still playing and polishing

I wish I had more time right now but everything is hitting the fan at once. My home AC went down so I have had to spend a lot of time trying not to get destroyed financially by these con men called ac salesmen. I had one try to sell me a fan for 700 bucks I found online for 280. A serious time suck!… Anyway I am playing and making sure everything is working well. I will try to post some pretty pics tonight if I get a chance to work around all the air conditioning mess. Good times! I hope all of your days are going great so far!

4 thoughts on “Still playing and polishing

  1. About the last comments, just wanted to say I’ve been an xbox fan for well over ten years now, had three 360 die on me but I stuck to it. The next xbox is garbage, no wonder Sony’s stock went up 9% the day xbox one was announced. Requires internet connection check daily or you can’t play games or watch movies, fees on used games, games locked to one account, not backward compatible, force to use kinect and it can’t be turned off, almost nothing was said regarding new games, live TV only available in the US…

    Sorry, I’m jumping ship, f#%k Microsoft, they have lost touch with the gamers and now it’s just an entertainment console that also plays games, if you’re into that… thank god for PS4!

    1. You know I read more about it last night and I was APPALLED at the choices Microsoft made. It feels like a bunch of NON GAMER corperate suits got together to design this box. Every single choice they made was against the gamer.

      1. No used games?!?! You will not increase profits just decrease the sales of total games and KILL budding developers that need exposure by having their games at a reasonable price.

      2. It looks like a black version of the orinal nintendo. It is UGLY as it can possibly be. My DVD players look better.

      3. They did not strive for the best and most power they could achieve. Some corporate suit (READ: NON GAMER) thought that is irrelevant now as cloud computing can fix it!… WTF? cloud computing will NEVER make better graphics. Maybe more intricate behaviors and gameplay.

      4. Always online required. READ: Big brother…

      5. Kinect sucks… Unless they make it sensitive enough to actually work this blows. I have one and it has been collecting dust for over a year.

      6. No backward compatibility. This unnerves me. The new XBOX is Direct X still. Thus it should support the older direct x with some software patches and paths. Being the old Xbox is over 6 years old this processor should have no issues patching dx9 to dx 11. I mean there maybe some serious hardware differences I am not aware of as I have never seen the new xbox but the old was a glorified PC. This really makes me think this thing is about 1/4 as powerful as it SHOULD be at this level.

      7. I have seen the corporate suits personally destroy many a game company. Most are barely gamers, just like the lime light, have terrible ideas but force them to be implemented, and generaly make choices no gamer would ever make as they base most decisions in buzz words and buzz tech they do not understand. I am surprised twitter is not on the front of the box in a scrolling display.

      1. None … they suits tossed all the things they did right with the XBox out the window and re-invented everything…..

      Anywho this does not look good for xbox one. The games even do not look to much more advanced over the last gen. No way NEAR to the advance fron Xbox to XBox360…

      My 2 cents…

      shame ….

    1. Yes sir ! just 2 hours north with that tornado. And the mile wide one the day before was 15 minutes from my house!.. I have some video I will try to post… of the lightning…amazing show..

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