Tying up loose ends like the load and save menus as I used the editor before 😉



Here is the closest tornado to me when the brakout happened.

This is the north side of the storm from my backyard.

Here are some storm chasers chasing this very storm…

NUTS!!! and that is CLOSE to me. Wow.. getting that storm shelter this year some time for sure…

Now back to playing and fixing Cursed Realms… I am planning on (GIVEN MY WIFE DOES NOT PLAN MY WEEKEND AGAIN) starting the conversion to the latest OS soon which means alpha will be shortly after that. I will have to get an iPhone 5 soon to be able to test on the new screen. So many expenses argh… Anyway I will post some pics today as I have not done so lately. =)


2 thoughts on “MAN LIFE IS BUSY!

  1. Wow looks like I have missed a lot!! I have a business trip to Europe for the next 2 weeks so I won’t be here :(. Ill try to pop in again. It’s looking great Ryan!! I’m excited!!

    1. Keep on keeping on! It just takes time sadly I wish it was done now! However, with this much time invested it HAS to be right.

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