Working Hump Day!

Update: One last post from last night was the timing runs I was doing after playing … Not to bad for tech heads it maybe fun to see what is eating the gpu cpu up =)…Lots to work on there after alpha and even release to tune…


Here is a screen shot guide of my latest play through… getting there just needs more polish =)…

Started with the spawn of limp wimpy and dimpy from the south and crushed them…


Yup just green puddles for my turrets.


I then cracked open some rocks to the east and released the first user corpses that wanted a fight..One gut bombed and took out two of my turrets but I had so many they went down easy… after some time…


Yup dead with loot to grab. Looks like money and research points…weeeeeeee.


I then took control of an imp after selling some far away homes and ran into the fog of war areas to be able to see them. I also put some medics on patrol around my base just in case more random spawns hit.


I then expanded across the first bridge and put up more turrets….no telling whats out there with the fog of war.


I took control of a medic and found another medic that tagged me a few times I took him out then found another where that minion died and I was forced back to overlord mode.


Then trouble hit. A Pus Bucket emerged from a cave I dug. These are flesh tanks. He took out 4 turrets 3 imps and 2 minions before a turret batter blew him away.


Here he is after my imps in a corner…


Here he is blowing up one of my turrets with a swift hit…


Then the foul beast fell over backwards and died in a hallway from a batter of turrets and 2 medics firing his slow butt down.


Yes alpha sure feels close!! Then we can really polish this guy… I will need some performance time also as I see a little slow down in heavy combat. Over all VERY manageable. Break time then back to work!!!!

Got to get this thing done!… So I am having at it again tonight after jujitsu and a full work day!…. Get Er Done…. more as I go…


4 Responses to “Working Hump Day!”

  1. Imperator Says:

    Looking good, cannot wait..

  2. MrSpud Says:

    OMG!! KOTOR just came out on iOS, so… take your time before alpha! Man, hard to believe that came out 10 years ago. I had to clear 4.6Gigs just to install, and that reminds me, how big is the built you got so far? Looking good!

    • Ryan Says:

      I think around 128 megs.. I am keeping it as small as possible. =).. lots of texture reuse etc.

      Wow its been 10 years already? Thats what launched bioware…

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