Good news!…




I expect to start the migration to the latest IOS in preparation for alpha next WEEK!!! FINALLY!!!

I will have to purchase a iPhone 5 also. I tried waiting for the iPhone5s but o well!

Tonight I plan on working a little before having a break. Sunday will be a Cursed Realms day wrapping level one for alpha. It will be 85% for alpha as I will not do the voice overs until the text is locked in (read alpha II).

The list is almost gone!..

I will migrate next week and also do a little performance testing and blammo go for alpha I. This will be:

Load Screen -> Title Screen -> level one intro -> level one play -> level one ending

We will polish the living crap out of the game and then move on to alpha II which will most probably be 2-3 more levels of play. Then beta which will be the entire first episode levels 1-10.

More Later!


7 Responses to “Good news!…”

  1. Hellspawn Says:

    Hurray finally!
    Congrats Ryan 🙂

  2. MrSpud Says:

    I’m not sure how bad you want/need an iPhone5 but if it’s only for testing purposes, no need to spend 700$ just for that, I would be glad to try it out on mine. The only real difference beside processing power is the widescreen resolution. Anyway, maybe it’s time to upgrade for you so you may have planned to get one anyway but if not I can help you out. I got a 4, a 5 and an iPad2.

    • Ryan Says:

      Awesome I cannot wait to get it in your hands!.. I am just going to upgrade I was hoping for the 5s but thats ok =)… I am up for the new contract.


  3. Kevin Says:

    Hey can i be a tester too?

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I am pretty sure we will have room =).. I jus tneed dedicated people that will be sure to play, test, and make suggestions.

      Good stuff!

      • Kevin Says:

        Yea i can help, i wanna play this game n help u make it the best, im good wit ideas

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