Anyone have any idea what publishers are good?

Worked my butt off tonight still going hard and alpha target looks good 😉 it is alpha after all and not beta 😉

As always click for a bigger image this is from My overpriced new iPhone 5 😉

Shot from my new iPhone5. All going great tonight I will keep tweaking for the alpha team building this weekend !


I am thinking of going to a publisher to get the added marketing power at a trade in profit. I know if I do not I may again sink in the ocean of cr-Apps out there. Currently I only know of Pop-Cap and Chillingo as the main big indie publishers out there.

Any-who during alpha and after that will have to be decided.

In other knews I worked until 1am last night and got everything up and running on all devices I have (no iPad mini but that should be fine.)

I plan on play testing and adding some sounds and fx through the weekend then I will start the Alpha team building process for just level 1. =)… Amazing it is finally here. =) I will post later this week on the joining process!


32 Responses to “Anyone have any idea what publishers are good?”

  1. Doom Says:

    Josh with Crescent Moon is my first choice..he seems to do almost everything right..I’ll get you his info ASAP!

  2. Josh Presseisen (@CM_Games) Says:

    Hey Ryan
    If you want I’ll check out the latest version, I think we spoke awhile ago about this!

    • Ryan Says:

      Yes sir!

      I sure would like to get past alpha 1 first.
      (But if you want to be in from the get go let me know)

      I want the wow factor to be at its maximum! My email is

      Ryan _dot_ DTMArchitect _at_

      If you can send me your email I can keep you directly updated =)

      Thanks Sir!

      • Kevin Says:

        Wen is alpha goin to start n i wanna help out in anyway, also needs a trailer soon so i can tell all my friends

      • Ryan Says:

        Great man I am looking at building the team up this weekend. I will place a call soon here on the blog for people interested and then build a list and get the forum ready for discussions =)

  3. Kevin Says:

    N in my opinion i think crescent moon is good, i mean they did come out wit ravensword shadowlands n that game was amazin

    • Ryan Says:

      Yea they are =) …(And a dang good game).. And Josh up there is a cool guy that keeps in close touch with his audience =)

  4. Hellspawn Says:

    About the level editor, I think it should be free to download playermade levels.
    But you could add an option, that if a map gets downloaded a certain number of times the creatir can set a price with a percentage of the profit going to you.
    Just a suggestion in case you have extra time.

    • Kevin Says:

      Thats kind of a bad idea cause usually ppl just start puttin high prices like 99$ for a map or rip ppl off

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        It’s 1.99 for 9 levels each with a gameplay time of an hour minimum

        I am up for ideas big time 😉

        cannot trade my life for free wife won’t allow it 😉

        Ideas ideas ideas 😉

    • Ryan Says:

      Missed that one. I wish I could set prices Apple is VERY strict about that. I am not sure I could work that. I need something to support the bandwidth and storage space is all. I am sure we all can think of something!.

  5. Kevin Says:

    Well the pricin looks pretty decent, not like some companys who ask like 54$ for 1 stupid character(like in game Samurai vs Zombies 2) or shit like that, so its good

  6. Kevin Says:

    Any boss fights in the game???

  7. Kevin Says:

    Make sure the game is not n wont become repetetive like mission europa, that game was fun at first but it got repetetive n it took forever to level up

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Not repetitive at all 😉 ME was a rpg grinder meant for quick play… New engine that I am in love with!!!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    If you price your own 10 level packs for 1.99, that sounds fair.

    For user uploaded levels, which could be campaigns of any number of levels (or just one), I would suggest a fixed pricing structure. ( which u have a cut ) if you put a voting system on them, people trying to get the highest rating will probably be more incentive than cash.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I was planning on a voting system Also.. Ill ready have the upload system I just need to figure out how I want to present it and pay for it as I have to pay bandwidth and storage 😉

  9. Kevin Says:

    Ull be makin alot of money if this game goes the way u plan, n with our help im pretty sure ull make an amazin game n alot of money

    • Ryan Says:

      Alpha will be as long as it needs to be I already have almost 2 years in this tech and game… So a little more in the end is worth it. . And I hope so … even though I won RPG of the year for ME on touchgen it was not even close to profiting the number of hours I put in =).. Not that I would ever think of not making ME just you never know =)… A work of passion is what I would call my projects….

  10. MrSpud Says:

    I like the idea of having the first level free and 2$ for the rest of the episode, sounds fair. Not sure about the IAP, I would have to play the game first. It all comes down to how optionnal they are and if they break the balance of the game. If you can’t finish the level without spending money, people won’t like it, don’t go Zynga on us!

    Very nice to see Josh here, you’re in good hands, he’s got ton of respect on toucharcade, nothing wrong with that. Good stuff!

    • Ryan Says:

      O I am more then excited to be able to have Josh’s hands on this. =)… Alpha will be a time to mold the player experience into something new, exciting, and fulfilling. Thats why you will be there! =P…

  11. Doom Says:

    I feel this game MUST have GameCenter..yes?

    • Ryan Says:

      LOL not yet… but I bet that is not an issue =).. That is an alpha thing. Should be easy as cake to get in there. =)… I will put that down as your first alpha request. =)…

  12. Imperator Says:

    Looks like it is all coming together nicely, be time to drum up interest on Touch Arcade again soon.

  13. Kevin Says:

    Hopefully this game is more fun than any other apps in the store

  14. Brett Says:

    Day 1 purchase for me. Been following the development of this for ages. 1.99 sounds far to cheap if you ask me. I just bought the mighty kotor for ipad and that was 6.99 gbp – if this is as epic as its been sounding with level editors and campaigns then surely a better price… Dunno. Problem is there is so much shovel ware that if you set the price too high it puts people off. Sometimes it’s about profit. Either way I’d pay more for this! Keep going dude. Look forward to actually buying this and playing for hours .

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Awesome thanks! That’s motivating 😉
      Alpha will start next week for level one and we will be sure it loves up to expectations 😉

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