Alpha Release Update


I worked all weekend and things are looking really good. I fixed a ton of issues added a ton of flair and sounds. What I still need to do is play through to the end to defeat zangblood for level 1. I also see the need for better unit controls. I may not be able to get those controls in for alpha. That may not be a bad thing as you guys suggestions would be better before I put that work in then after and having to redo it. REally I have a few minor items and just to play the game right now. Great stuff. I will be helping a friend tonight for a few hours then I will be back to cursed realms. I will try to get some pics up today while I am working my day job.

The schedule for alpha looks like the end of the week is the target. It will probably go into Saturday when I can devote a whole day to getting it out. I will gather names and device ids Thursday or Friday. I will also post how we are going to communicate on the forum. I will be using test flight to distribute Cursed Realms to testers so that is a requirement. Other then that I need to get er done in the next few days!.. I am getting excited and working as hard as I can. We will have a ton of work during alpha to make this game as great as possible. I am leaning towards not doing the research system on alpha one and concentrate on combat and playing the game. It is pretty complicated and in level one you really do not have anything to research but any spells you loot and the few you start with…

More later =)

Happy Monday!


7 Responses to “Alpha Release Update”

  1. Doom Says:

    Ryan, how much playtime do you think this game will contain?

    • Doom Says:

      I know, it’s only alpha..but if you are doing purchased episodes or levels I was just curious how much time the buyer would be in for..

      • Ryan Says:

        A ton… I think playing each level should be a total of 30 minutes to an hour depending on play style .. with 10 levels an episode.. Not bad as I played a game last night that I beat in 30 minutes and then went to “HARD” mode and had to start over and run through the same contect. The game was 1.99 and now is deleted =)… I kinda liked what I saw but man really? =)

  2. Kirk Says:

    This is awesome Ryan! I’m really glad to see the progression (and even a bit of willingness to leave some decisions such as controls to input from the alpha testers). This is looking great and I know that with the great people in this community, testing will iron out most if not all of the bugs, and make the game great fun to play. I wish you luck in the final steps towards alpha!

    • Ryan Says:

      Thanks sir and will see you in alpha =)…

      Lots to iron out… mainly I want ideas on how to make it more exciting and fun. Don;t get me wrong to me it is already really good but it can always be better =)

  3. MrSpud Says:

    Yes!! It’s getting exciting! We will get to see have you have been up to for the last two years or so 😉 It sure looks great, and I know it always looks way better in motion… on your device!!

    That reminds me I got to update my phone… the wife’s phone… the iPad… Last time I updated the phone over wifi, it did not go very well, I would not recommend it, backup very important 😦

    Your hard work is paying off, I’m looking forward to help you out with this very intriguing project. 😉

    • Ryan Says:

      I sure hope the Spud will be there.. Yes the engine took FOREVER to build but I needed all the power I could get and I would never get out of a pre-fab engine. Cannot wait for the flood of ideas and people working together =)..

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