Going Well…

Getting late tonight…. Man if this was a day job I would be done a year ago =)… I am still playing and tweaking. I still have not beat level one yet. I want a full ply through a few times before we open up this alpha to develop the game further. No need to waste everyones time with what I know needs to be finished or fixed =)… All in all it is going very well. I should have a good deal more amount of time tomorrow so I am hoping either tomorrow or thursday to beat level one for the first time. Then I will have some fixes to implement then I will need to play a few more times. While that is going on I will need to gather the device names of those connected to test flight and ready for alpha =)… After that setup the forum for testing time etc… Lots to do!.. The game though is running out of things to fix! =)

More when I get back to the blog =)


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